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Nearly half of Americans support Johnson’s presidential campaign From Newsweek

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Jushi Johnson wrote on the social platform in response to the public opinion survey related to him. According to an opinion poll conducted by Newsweek, 46% of the respondents support dawn Johnson’s running for the future president of the United States, but the practitioner of the American dream does not refuse: “the founders may not have thought that there would be a black Samoan half breed who is 1.95 meters tall, tattooed and bald, likes tequila, carries a purse and a pickup truck, and will be among the leaders of the country If it comes true, it’s my honor to serve the public. “.

The comedian, who has yet to be a national leader but is one of Hollywood’s best paid actors, turned from a wrestler to an action actor, wrote.

Johnson did not hide his interest in running for president. In an interview with GQ, a men’s magazine, as early as 2017, he said publicly that there was “a real possibility” to get involved in politics. At that time, candidates from both parties were fighting for the support of Jushi Johnson, but he declined the invitation from both sides. Johnson knows his appeal. He doesn’t want to be used by anyone.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is the closest male star to Johnson’s political path. Reagan is also an actor, but he is not as successful as the two. He gave up his hopeless acting career early to become chairman of the actors’ Union, which is actually a political career.

In addition, “Godzilla vs. King Kong” remained strong in the second week of its release in the United States, recording $13.4 million at the box office, down 58% from the first week.

Considering that the film was also released online on Warner’s HBO Max streaming platform, it is a miracle that the box office momentum continued for two weeks, especially when the reception capacity of cinemas across the United States was still limited during the epidemic.

With $69.5 million at the box office, the film became the best performing film in North America during the epidemic period, surpassing Warner’s own creed (US $58.4 million).

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