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New research shows that alcoholism can save up to 28 years of life

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Drinking too much can reduce life expectancy by decades. A follow-up survey of more than 107000 Europeans from 1987 to 2006 showed that the average life expectancy of people hospitalized for alcohol use disorders was 47-53 years (male) and 50-58 years (female), 24-28 years earlier than the general population.

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Although this study only focuses on the information of all individuals hospitalized for alcohol use disorders in Denmark, Finland and Sweden, due to the size of the data sample, the results can be considered as the expected results of the general population in many countries and regions in the world. The researchers identified individuals who were hospitalized for alcohol use disorders and saw an average reduction in overall life expectancy of 24-28 years. Needless to say, this is an incredibly significant reduction in life expectancy, and because of a lot of research on the effects of alcohol on the human body, we know what risk factors those who drink a lot increase.

When you habitually drink, it’s not only your liver, but also your heart and the whole cardiovascular system that are affected. Irregular heartbeats, strokes and other potentially serious complications have been associated with alcoholism, but it’s amazing to see just how many years of obstacles can be taken to close someone’s life.

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