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Obesity in middle age may reduce life expectancy by five years From Research findings

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Recently, according to foreign media reports, a new study shows that middle-aged obesity may reduce life expectancy by 5 years. Scientists have followed nearly 30000 people for decades and found that the average age of death of normal weight people is 82.3 years old, while the life expectancy of obese people will be reduced to varying degrees.

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People with a body mass index (BMI) of more than 40 are the most obese, and their average life expectancy is only 77.7 years. Even those who were moderately obese had a two-year reduction in life expectancy. However, there was little difference in life expectancy among overweight people with a body mass index of 25-29. The researchers did not classify deaths by cause of death, but they pointed out that obese people were more likely to suffer from complications.

Being overweight can lead to arterial inflammation and fat deposition, putting pressure on the heart and other important organs. Compared with previous studies, the data of the latest study are not “extreme”, which reported that morbid obesity can shorten life expectancy by 10 years.

In 2015, the research team collected medical insurance data for 29621 people over the age of 65. These people were originally recruited for a long-term health study in the 1960s and 1970s. By December 2015, about 13000 people had died. To analyze mortality by weight, the researchers divided them into groups based on their body mass index.

The researchers said that the more obese a person is, the shorter their life expectancy is. The average life expectancy of severely obese people is 77.7 years, that of moderately obese people is 80.8 years, and that of overweight people is 82.1 years. At the same time, the researchers pointed out that the longer the duration of obesity and overweight, the higher the risk of morbidity. The average life expectancy of severely obese people is 10.32 years, and that of obese people is 9.8 years, Overweight people were in an unhealthy state for an average of 7.22 years, while normal healthy weight people were in an unhealthy state for an average of 6.1 years.

In addition, the researchers calculated the average excess medical insurance payment by patient weight. They found that obese people paid an average of $23396 more than normal weight people. The results not only show the impact of obesity on personal health and life, but also confirm the certain cost consumption of obesity trend on society. In the context of population aging, individuals and groups urgently need resources and strategies to solve the phenomenon of overweight, which has become an increasingly severe public health challenge.

Of course, the study has some limitations. For example, the conditional data of medical insurance may be misclassified, which will affect the research results, but considering the sample size, the overall data error risk is low. In addition, the sample size of severely obese people is very small, with a total of 125 people, which means that people should carefully interpret the research results of severely obese people.

At the same time, the sample size used in the study is from a white dominated group, which means that the correlation between the research results and other groups is limited. It should also be noted that body mass index is not an indicator for the diagnosis of obesity, because muscular people may also have a high body mass index, but they are not obese. Body mass index is usually useful data to measure someone’s weight and health.

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