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According to a new report, one in five bosses monitor employees’ waste of time without their knowledge. In a Metro report covid-19 warned that employers are using the new crown epidemic restrictions to secretly monitor remote workers. One in five companies admits to spying on employees or plans to do so in the future.

Many employers are investing in technology, micromanageing employees and automatically deciding who to hire and who to fire, according to the report. When monitoring is used at work, employees must be properly consulted and protected from unfair management of the algorithm. Current monitoring methods include checking the time required for employees to read and reply to messages. The most worrying story is that some bosses secretly watch their employees through webcams. In addition to the obvious privacy issues, employees may also face unfair disciplinary action.

In a YouGov / skillcast survey of 2009 companies, 12% said they had introduced remote monitoring. In the case of large companies, the figure jumped to 16%, with 8% considering the move. According to TUC, one in seven employees has been monitored more often since they started working from home. In the UK, if employees are suspected of breaking the law, companies can monitor them without their knowledge. Many technology giants have benefited from the wave of telecommuting, and we’ve seen examples of them challenging the boundaries of privacy. Microsoft, for example, has changed its productivity scoring tool after an outcry of aggression.

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