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Looking back in 2020, one would imagine that being indoors for most of the year has a negative impact on our health, but a new global study by with shows that the damage is not too serious and that some areas have actually improved. The French digital health and wearable device company’s 2020 “annual review” report, based on anonymous pooled data of 5 million users, shows many surprises, the biggest of which is related to the way we sleep.

It seems that concerns about cowid-19, employment and the economy have not kept people awake at night. This year, people sleep an average of 8 minutes and 34 seconds more, with Americans sleeping 7 minutes and 41 seconds more. With puts forward some theories to explain the extra sleep: nightlife has almost disappeared in most countries, restaurant visits have dropped sharply, traffic noise has decreased, working from home means no commuting, all of which can make people sleep more and better. In addition, less alcohol (for some people), nightlife, indulgent restaurant food, and tight commutes all lead to lower sleep heart rates, which are often signs of health. Compared with 2019, this year’s rate has dropped by 0.54 times per minute.

Walking is an activity affected by the whole epidemic. Due to restrictions on outdoor sports, many people work from home, and the average daily steps have dropped by 10% (511 steps per day). The closure of the pool means a 30% reduction in swimming and a 1.75% reduction in runners. However, the number of cyclists has increased by 8%. Perhaps the most surprising data is that people will lose weight (0.3 pounds) and fat mass (0.33 pounds) in 2020 compared with last year, and more people will achieve their weight loss goals.

“2020 is undoubtedly a challenge for everyone in the world,” says Withings. But through our research, we’re happy to see that, in general, people continue to work step by step this year, focusing on their health goals and rest. When it comes to sleep and achieving weight goals, we find that people are better than they were in 2019. Hopefully, as we enter the new year, we can continue to get the rest we need and stay active during the day. “

From In 2016, the number of millennials in the United States raised plants reached 5 million. Research found that exercise has little effect on weight loss. Tokyo Medical and Dental University: research found that melatonin may improve memory and protect cognitive ability. Johns Hopkins University: research found that eating more plant-based foods may help improve heart health. Science: since 970 Three billion birds have disappeared in the United States and Canada IBM: five technologies to change human life in the next five years university of Waterloo: research finds that more contact with other children will improve children’s learning ability first study found that people with dogs may live longer IPASS: 7% of people check their mobile phones when they have sex British Medical Research Council: research found that wounds heal faster during the day Massachusetts Eye Hospital: research found that playing puzzle games can help elderly people improve their hearing National Institutes of health: research shows that people can improve their skills through simple activities

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