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As the saying goes, books are the spiritual food of human beings. If material enjoyment depends on money, then spiritual enjoyment depends on reading. Nowadays, there are too many tiktok food, games, jitter, and chase drama. With the growth of working hours and the enrichment of entertainment, people’s reading time is becoming less and less. If you are determined to read a few books, you might as well refer to the 2020 annual list of Douban, a total of 260 books, including the most concerned books at home and abroad, with the highest scores.

Moreover, it is rich in variety, involving literature, history, social sciences, science, art, film and television, economic management, picture books and so on.

In addition, Douban also selected “monthly bequeath”: five books a month, all of which are recommended as good books launched in the current month, but which have not received everyone’s attention.

Affected by the epidemic situation, Douban also selected popular books related to the epidemic in 2020, including the origin of political order, blood plague, plague, plague and people, approaching plague and so on.

Most popular books in 2020

1. Use yourself as a method 8.6

2. Submarine at night 8.7

3. Return to hometown 9.0

4. Paper burning 8.7

5. Out of the view of the only truth

6. Fragment 9.2

7. Lost satellite 9.0

8. Small aberration at the edge of the galaxy 8.2

9. Cultural amnesia 9.2

10. Weird stories 8.2

High score books in 2020:

1. Mondo movie poster art collection 9.6

2. The arrival of the third empire 9.5

3. Know my name 9.4

4. Patriarchy and capitalism

5. Vortex 9.2

6. Fragment 9.2

7. The loneliest animal on earth 9.1

8. Eye 9.0

9. Marco Valdo 9.1

10. Rings of Saturn 9.0

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