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Research Report on the development status and trend of domestic snack market in 2020 From China National Business Information Center

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A hitherto unknown outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia brought unprecedented challenges to China’s economic and social development in early 2020. The Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as its core insisted on the supremacy of the people, scientifically coordinated the epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, vigorously promoted the work of “six stability” and “six guarantees”, and the economic operation was stable and restored, and the livelihood of the people was guaranteed effectively. China’s GDP grew by 2.3% in real terms, becoming the only major economy in the world to achieve positive economic growth.

On the whole, China’s consumer goods market will reach 39.2 trillion yuan in 2020, with a year-on-year decrease of 3.9% and an absolute decrease of 1.6 trillion yuan. Among them, retail sales of goods decreased by 829.7 billion yuan, or 2.3%. Catering revenue decreased by 786.7 billion yuan, or 16.6%. The epidemic has not only affected the economy and consumption at the macro level, but also changed the consumer psychology and social consumption behavior of residents to a certain extent. In 2020, different types of consumer goods markets show some different trends and characteristics compared with previous years. As a food commodity with high frequency and relatively strong demand, and with certain psychological consolation significance, the annual sales of snacks show a good development trend under the epidemic situation. Compared with the previous year, the characteristics of festival driven sales are still prominent, the growth of online channels and high-end market segments is accelerated, and the sales of pastries and meat are better.

In this paper, the definition of the connotation and extension of the snack market still continues the definition of the national business information center of China (hereinafter referred to as the center) in the last two years [1], and adopts the method of combining the research on the overall market, key channels, key categories and key brands. The research materials mainly come from the relevant market data, financial reports of brand listed companies, enterprise research interviews, authoritative news reports and other open letters Information and some other relevant data of the center to conduct continuous and detailed analysis and Research on the snack market.

Chapter one the operation of China’s snack market in 2020

1、 Snack market achieved rapid growth throughout the year

According to the center’s calculation, in 2020, the retail sales of China’s snack market will grow by more than 6% year on year, which is more than 10% higher than the growth rate of the overall domestic consumer goods market.

From the perspective of key A-share listed enterprises in the industry, in the first three quarters, the revenue of three squirrels increased by 7.7% year on year, that of laiyifen increased by 2.9% year on year, and that of Qiaqia increased by 13.4% year on year. Among them, liangpin store is in the hardest hit area of the epidemic, and the sales of offline stores have been seriously impacted. The overall revenue has achieved a positive growth of 1.3% year-on-year. Except for central China where Wuhan is located, other regions have achieved relatively rapid growth, of which South China has a year-on-year growth of more than 20%.

From the perspective of key channels, magic mirror market intelligence data shows that in 2020, the snack industry on tmall platform shows a steady expansion trend, and its market performance is better than that on tmall platform as a whole. The annual sales volume is 70.7 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth rate of 19.5%, 2.1% higher than that on the platform, and the sales volume is 2.26 billion pieces, with a year-on-year growth rate of 18.5%, 9.8% higher than that on the platform.

From the perspective of consumer groups, the proportion of affluent consumers in high-speed rail transit cities is significantly higher than that in low-speed rail transit cities, which will continue for a long time. However, the number of middle-class consumers in low-speed rail transit cities (such as Mianyang, Yancheng, Zigong, etc.) is growing rapidly. From 2010 to 2018, the compound annual growth rate of the number of well-off and well-off families is 38%, which is 23% higher than that in high-speed rail transit cities .

From the perspective of market activity, the huge market potential of snacks has attracted more and more participants. Since 2019, the number of active shops and active commodities in the snack industry of tmall platform has shown an overall upward trend. In December 2020, the number of active shops has reached 12000, an increase of more than 5900 compared with January 2019, and the number of active commodities has reached 467000, an increase of 222000 compared with January 2019. The peak of the number of active stores will appear in November 2020, and the peak of the number of active commodities will appear in June 2020. On the whole, the current snack industry has begun to transform from the incremental market to the stock market, and the brand competition has intensified.

2、 Snacks market “Festival” and other node driven sales features prominent

The snack market is still very prominent in the traditional festivals, especially in the Spring Festival. In the annual sales, in addition to the double 11 effect and new year’s day effect, the fourth quarter revenue is at a high level, while the first quarter revenue is another obvious high level. From the market terminal situation, the summary data shows that January, September, November and December are the peak months of annual sales of key online platforms in 2019 and 2020.

Figure 1 – quarterly revenue of key listed snack brands in 2019 (100 million yuan)

Figure 2: Quarterly revenue of key listed snack brands in 2020 (100 million yuan)

Chart 3: monthly sales trend of key online platform snack market in 2019 and 2020 [2]

3. Online snack sales will grow rapidly in 2020, and offline sales will be impacted by the epidemic

Under the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia, people’s normal life and business order were hit. Shopping centers, department stores, supermarkets and other offline stores were once stagnant in the first quarter. After the domestic epidemic situation was effectively controlled in the second and third quarters, the online shopping mode of no going out, no gathering and no contact was still favored by some consumer groups due to the influence of factors such as the cultivation of consumption habits and the recovery period of consumption psychology. Compared with the previous two years, the overall snack market in 2020 showed the characteristics of rapid growth in online sales and impact on offline sales. From the perspective of the overall grain, oil and food market, in 2020, the cumulative growth of online retail sales of physical food products will be as high as 30.6%, while the cumulative growth of retail sales of grain, oil, food, beverage, tobacco and alcohol products of units above the overall quota will not exceed 10%.

Relevant market data show that in 2020, the sales of snack industry on key online platforms increased by 19.5% year-on-year, 2.1 percentage points higher than that of the overall platform; the sales increased by 18.5% year-on-year, 9.8 percentage points higher than that of the overall platform, which fully shows the characteristics of people’s online transfer of food consumption under the epidemic situation in 2020.

On the other hand, in addition to the impact of the closure of stores and the reduction of passenger flow, the control of various large-scale cultural, sports and entertainment activities in 2020 will also significantly reduce the part of snack scene sales. In this case, combined with new product launch factors, the number of active snack shops and active snack products on the network platform in 2020 will increase significantly compared with that in 2019.

At the same time, in order to survive, some market operators have shifted their commodity sales to online sales, and some have expanded their business through community group buying, o2o takeout and other channels. For example, the good shop in Wuhan, based on the early digital strategy, timely adjust business strategy in the most serious epidemic situation, not only ensure normal operation of online channels, but also start the “store without contact Internet plus business operation” mode for offline market, and continue to provide products and services for consumers through light stores and hungry ones for solid store drainage. .

4、 The snack market is still in the stage of fierce competition, and individual brands grow rapidly relying on single products

The snack industry is a large-scale, wide category and numerous SKUs industry. Coupled with the regional differences in taste, it objectively leads to many brands in the market and relatively low concentration. A few years ago, the brand of liangpinpu, sanzhisquirrel, baicaowei and laiyifen, with the help of the rapidly rising Internet channel, led the rapid growth of the whole snack market with professional and comprehensive brand image and rich and expanding product line. According to the public financial report data, liangpin shop and three squirrels are in the first echelon with total channel terminal sales of nearly 10 billion, followed by baicaowei and laiyifen. At the same time, there are many snack brands in the follow-up echelon. The competition is fierce, but there are still structural opportunities. Some individual or cross-border brands rely on accurate segmentation positioning to break through the online sales rapidly, such as oubella, which mainly sells all kinds of pastries, Tianfu tea, which promotes “around tea” snack products, Wang Xiaolu, which mainly focuses on boneless chicken feet, and Hao Xiaozi, which mainly promotes local snacks.

5、 Sales of pastries and meat snacks are growing rapidly, and nut gift boxes are easy to become hot items

In 2020, pastry / snack products have become popular products for home shopping during the epidemic period due to their convenience and the concept of serving as a substitute. Relevant market data show that the sales scale of pastry / snack products of key online sales platforms in 2020 will increase by more than 30% year on year. At the same time, the trend of residents’ dietary structure continued to upgrade, and affected by the high price, the annual sales of meat products also maintained a rapid growth. According to the statistical data of the center, in 2020, under the overall impact of the epidemic, the total retail sales of 100 key large retail enterprises in China decreased by 13.8% year-on-year, and the annual retail sales of meat products increased by 21%, The growth rate was 20 percent higher than that of grain, oil and food. The sales of meat snacks such as beef jerky / pork jerky / Stewed snacks also showed the same trend. The sales growth of key online platforms exceeded 30%, only slightly lower than that of pastries. In addition, from the perspective of individual products, the most popular products in the snack market are still nut gift bags. In 2020, among the top 10 products in the sales volume of key online platforms, 6 products are nut gift boxes; 2 product names include children and pregnant women. To a certain extent, popular items can reflect the hot spots and consumption tendency of the market, and can strengthen the brand image and sense of existence.

In terms of the annual commodity sales structure, compared with the previous year, the enthusiasm of visiting relatives and friends, which had been suppressed by the epidemic for a long time, was released before the Mid Autumn Festival, and the sales of gift snack products reached a peak.

The second chapter is the analysis of China’s high-end snack market in 2020

1、 High end snack market grows faster than the whole market

Although the epidemic has brought some impact and impact on the economy in 2020, the epidemic factors are short-term and external, which neither breaks the long-term and endogenous upward trend and stage of China’s economy, nor changes people’s income expectations for the future. On the contrary, in the context of the global epidemic situation, China’s overall epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development have achieved remarkable results, greatly enhancing people’s confidence in China’s various systems and future economic growth. From the perspective of the consumer goods market, under the strategy of expanding domestic demand by government departments and the continued role of various consumption promotion policies, not only the overall consumer goods market took the lead in recovering, but also the consumption structure continued to upgrade, and the retail momentum of upgraded goods in various fields was significantly better. At present, China’s snack market has shifted from incremental competition to stock competition, and consumers have returned from focusing on price to focusing more on quality. In the long-term consumption research, the center has always insisted that the high-end segment market is a direction and opportunity in the snack market at this stage,

In 2020, the sales of high-end snacks on the key online platforms defined in the previous year will grow by more than 40% year on year, and the growth rate will be more than twice that of the whole snack market. It is estimated that the year-on-year growth rate of high-end snack market in 2020 is more than 10%, which is significantly faster than the growth rate of the whole snack market.

2、 The advantage of head brand in high-end market is more obvious than that of last year

At present, whether it is the overall snack market or the high-end segment snack market, the competition among brands is very fierce, and the market share is relatively scattered. However, from the situation in 2020, the head brands such as liangpin shop, three squirrels and baicaowei in the high-end snack market have a better growth momentum, and the sales growth rate of the key online platforms is more than 50%, which is the sum of the sales scale of the three brands The proportion was 20.5%, which was basically the same as that in the whole snack market, but increased by 2.3 percentage points compared with the previous year.

Among the above-mentioned head brands, liangpin shop, which integrates the sales channels of physical stores and according to the relevant data mastered by the center, clearly focuses on the development of high-end product strategy, has advantages in this market. It continuously promotes the high-end and high-quality products from the multi-dimensional aspects of standards, quality, packaging, pricing, publicity and channels, and avoids the close fitting in snack market to a certain extent Red Sea, a fierce price war, has also won the recognition of its high-end positioning in the market: according to relevant data, in 2020, the sales volume of high-end priced products in liangpin store will increase significantly; in the high-end snack products of key online platforms, the daily nut gift bag is the single product with the first sales volume, and the sales volume of the single product with the second highest sales volume Over 20%. Based on the comprehensive channel distribution structure and the data calculation and analysis mastered by the information center, liangpinpu has led the national sales of high-end snacks for six consecutive years from 2015 to 2020. In addition, there are more and more professional brands and product types in the high-end snack market. In addition to the traditional high-end products, Fujihashi brand duck tongue, oubeira breakfast bread, etc. have become the online hot items in 2020.

Chart 4: market scale change trend of high-end snack industry of key online platforms from January 2019 to December 2020 (100 million yuan)

The third chapter is the analysis of leisure snack market in 2020

The blue ocean strategy proposes that enterprises should start from the perspective of providing value for customers, cross the existing competition, re formulate and sort the value of products and services, achieve the dual purposes of value promotion and cost reduction, break away from the Red Sea and create a blue ocean. The key is to rebuild the market boundary and surpass the existing demand.

With the increase of consumption scenarios and the increasing refinement of consumer demand, the leisure snack market has been further subdivided. In recent years, a number of new and cutting-edge brands relying on a single category or popular products have even sprung up.

At the same time, the epidemic situation accelerates the upgrading of consumption, the differentiation and personalized development of consumer demand, takes the consumer as the center, deeply cultivates and subdivides the demand, jumps out of the current competition pattern, and becomes a new blue ocean in the snack market. This chapter will take the representative children’s snack market as an example, combined with the market data in 2020, consumer demand and industry dynamics.

1、 Children’s snack market is still in the early stage of competition

By the end of 2019, the number of children under 14 years old in China has reached 235 million, and there are a large number of users in children’s daily consumption market. In addition, the parents of the post-80s and post-90s have a higher level of education, and the awareness of “meticulous care for children” has been improved. The proportion of children’s expenditure in families has been rising, and there is a large space for the development of children’s consumer market.

According to the “insight into the trend of online children’s snacks industry in 2020” released by Alibaba, from the perspective of online channels, although the scale of children’s snacks market accounts for a relatively small proportion, the growth rate is very significant. From 2019 to the report node, the growth rate of children’s snacks sales is three times faster than that of the overall market.

Compared with other consumer goods, China’s children’s snack industry is still at an early stage. For quite a long time, there are many problems, such as no clear applicable standards for products, hidden dangers in production, nonstandard use of Prepackages, low dosage of children’s snacks. On May 17, 2020, the China non-staple food circulation Association officially issued the group standard of general requirements for children’s snacks (hereinafter referred to as “group standard”), aiming at children’s healthy diet, referring to the “Chinese children and adolescents snacks guide”, proposed the regulations of adding less sugar, salt and oil, and required to set the limits of sodium chloride, sucrose and fat, especially the sense of food safety on the physical level of products It’s the official’s request. The introduction of group standard promotes the domestic snack market to be standardized.

2、 Product differentiation is helpful for brands to break through the existing competition pattern

Relevant market organizations predict that the children’s snack market will continue to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 10% to 15% from 2019 to 2023.

It is precisely seeing the broad prospects of children’s snacks that the number of entrants to this market segment has increased significantly recently, which can be divided into three categories: one is the development of specialized snack brands, the “liangpin snack Fairy” of liangpin store, “Xiaolu Lanlan” of three squirrels, “Tong’an children” of Baicao flavor, and the other is the extension of mother and baby brands across categories, expanding from infant complementary food To children’s snacks, such as Yingshi, bainmei, etc. The other is the emerging children’s snack brand represented by baobaochanle.

Entering the market segment can not only realize the product differentiation, but also help the brand to seize the cognitive highland of consumers and achieve the two-way effect of sales growth and brand strengthening. Taking Hawthorn snacks as an example, this category appeared earlier, developed more mature, and the market is difficult to break through. However, through the upgrading of raw material standards, product design and other dimensions, the Hawthorn single product of “liangpin xiaoshixian” rabbit Hawthorn stick has rapidly become the hot selling single product of tmall online in 2020. According to the sales data of children’s snacks on H2 tmall platform in 2020, the sales of xianxiaotu Hawthorn stick, a good snack, is in the lead, with a market share of 38.3% [3].

3、 0 added as a key word for children’s snacks

More and more mothers find that it is an unnecessary mistake to talk about zero food color change in the process of raising their children. Eating some snacks with rich nutrients, low sugar, low salt and low fat can not only provide a certain amount of energy, dietary fiber and fat for the body Vitamins and minerals, but also to avoid children’s excessive intake of fat, sugar and salt, can also play a better role in supporting and supplementing nutrition. Compared with adult snacks, children’s snacks need to be healthier, more nutritious and more natural, which should be a higher quality product generated by the iterative upgrading of the snack industry.

According to the data of Q3 and Q4 of key online platforms in 2020, among the five main categories of children’s snacks market, the sales volume of products with higher unit price increased.

According to the feedback data from the market, when consumers choose children’s snacks online, the most popular and recognized keywords are “0 add” and “no add” compared with “health” and “nutrition”, In addition, the parents represented by the post-80s and post-90s are the knowledgeable generation, and the table of ingredients and ingredients of children’s snacks are also the contents they will pay attention to and consider.

Figure 5 – sales of children’s snacks on key online platforms in the second half of 2020

4、 Development of key snack brands

In the past, in the era of the lack of relevant standards for “children’s snacks”, the definition of children’s snacks products was relatively vague, and the categories were mostly concentrated on candy, biscuits, puffed and other small products. In recent one or two years, with the development of key snack head enterprises in children’s market, children’s snack categories and scope are significantly rich. At present, liangpin snack fairy category is the most abundant, including biscuits, milk, jelly, children’s fish intestines, functional candy and so on, basically covering the main categories of children’s snacks. The three squirrels’ deer blue has a wider audience, providing not only snacks for 3-12 years old, but also complementary food and snacks for infants and young children.

In terms of product characteristics, liangpin shop participated in and promoted the formulation of the first group standard for children’s snacks in China, upgrading its brand liangpin xiaoshixian with the requirements and standards of “six zero additions and six high standards”. The products emphasize health, in addition to product quality, such as imported raw materials, high fruit content, and friendly formula, such as non fried biscuits, puree zero essence, and candy zero essence In addition to white granulated sugar, it also emphasizes its nutritional supplement, such as high calcium, high protein, lutein ester and other functional concepts, and carries out extensive and deep-seated innovation and upgrading exploration. From the objective reflection of the market, liangpin snack fairy is the leader in children’s snack market. Based on the data of H2 children’s snacks and other open market data of key online platforms in 2020, baobaochanle and Xiaolu Lanlan are also in the head brand camp.

The fourth chapter forecasts the development trend of snack market in 2021

The uncertainty brought by the repeated epidemic in 2020 will also lead to significant changes in consumption patterns and habits. In this context, more food consumption is forced to move from offline to online. At the same time, consumers pay more attention to food safety attributes and nutritional functions.

With the pursuit of health, convenience and quality of young consumers, the development trend of leisure snacks in the future presents the characteristics of healthy, fresh, convenient fast food, crowd scene segmentation and so on. The demand products for children’s snacks, fitness meals, one person food and other specific groups are gradually heating up.

1、 Continue to develop towards health and nutrition

Consumers pay more and more attention to their own health. Instead of reducing the consumption of snacks, they will seek more and more safer, healthier and more nutritious products, which will promote the continuous iteration and upgrading of the snack industry. From the perspective of health, firstly, the healthier categories such as nuts and dairy products will maintain a rapid growth for a long time compared with other categories. Secondly, in terms of product composition and processing process, under the premise of technology progress such as fresh locking and packaging and product research and development, the food materials are more fresh and natural, further reducing or even realizing zero addition, reducing the content of sugar, oil, salt and other substances. From the perspective of nutrition, limited by dietary habits or preferences, some products that usually consume less at dinner can be supplemented by snacks. For example, in recent years, the sales of seaweed (balancing agent) products have grown particularly fast, especially seaweed products for children. The other is mixed dried fruits and vegetables products (dried vegetables and dried fruits), which are only dried and dehydrated, healthy and healthy It’s all about support. In life, any kind of food culture is not completely scientific and perfect. It can not be ruled out that in the future, based on the unreasonable regional diet structure of residents, there will be special supplement or even substitute products in the snack market.

According to the “tmall food industry trend analysis report” released by cbndata (business data center of China first finance and Economics) and tmall food, the substitute food which “can provide various nutrients for human body quickly and conveniently, and has the characteristics of high fiber, low calorie, easy to satiety” is being loved by young consumers, and the popularity is rising. Among them, the consumption of new first-line and second-line cities accounts for nearly 50%. From the sales volume and the number of consumers, the overall sales of substitute food have a steady growth, with a growth rate of more than 50%. The post-95 generation has replaced the post-90 generation, which has occupied the main consumer position. At present, there are some new brands in the catering market, such as Wang satiety, smile, and fift8, as well as some traditional brands, such as Nestle, Pepsi, and Mengniu, and some brands, such as liangpin Feiyang, which is the representative of liangpin shop, aim at the pan fitness crowd to attack the catering market.

Chart 6 hot concepts of high growth in food market

Photo source: tmall snack market analysis report 2020

2、 Further development of “lazy economy”

From the development history of the consumer goods market, in addition to the good products themselves, customer convenience is another direction and topic that will never go out of date. New consumption modes such as take away, online shopping, errand service, fresh e-commerce and community home all belong to the “lazy economy” in a certain level. From the future trend, on the one hand, the snack market is the “lazy economy” of commodity channels, which attaches great importance to buy as you go The construction of high-frequency consumption scene, on the other hand, is the convenience of the product itself, such as human nature, portable packaging, self heating products and so on.

3、 More food categories become raw materials for snacks

Judging from the market situation, the raw materials for snacks are still constantly being promoted and enriched. In the past year, the stewed snack products with Maodou, Auricularia auricula, kelp, Yuzhu, vegetarian steak and other vegetarians as ingredients have grown rapidly. Torreya grandis, a traditional minority food, has also become a new popular nut product. With the insatiable desire of consumers and the improvement of snack processing technology, more and more food categories, which are not suitable for making snacks, may become snacks one day in the future to meet the appetite of consumers.

4、 Higher level Omni channel integration

In 2020, under the catalysis of the epidemic, live e-commerce will rise significantly and become an important channel for brand promotion and commodity sales. On the one hand, this is the result of the change of people’s lifestyle under the development of mobile Internet technology. In addition to live e-commerce, social e-commerce can not be ignored. On the other hand, it also further accelerates the decentralization of online channels. Facing the online traffic bottleneck and traffic diversion crisis, consumer goods brands have built up private traffic flow outside Jingdong, Tmall and many other platforms to protect private territory, and have been expanding private sector ecosystem in series with WeChat’s small programs, communities, official shopping mall, official account and live broadcast base, so as to expand more. The Internet is a channel, but not just a sales channel. From the whole social level, our society as a whole has entered the “Internet” era. As a tool and carrier, the Internet has penetrated into every corner of people’s life, changed people’s way of thinking, production, organization, social communication, consumption and other aspects, reshaped and rewritten the business environment Based on this level, as a mass consumer goods brand, giving up the online link with consumers means giving up the future.

On the other hand, physical retail is still and will be the main channel of the consumer goods market. It is the main force of the high-quality development of the retail industry, and has the advantages that online channels can not replace: it is a broad and important platform necessary for more fully and effectively displaying the appearance value, brand quality of goods, and improving the brand image. It is also a platform to meet the needs of multiple (composite) experience enjoyment and enhance the sense of goods Quantity aesthetics is the best scene to create better added value for consumers. It is a more direct and better environment to reflect the cultural connotation of commodities and strengthen people to people exchanges. It is also the best space to deeply integrate and co operate with service industries such as culture, tourism, sports, health, health, pension, child rearing and education This is why some brands that started on the Internet need to expand offline after reaching a certain scale. Especially after the online traffic cost and the operating cost of physical stores are flattened, the support of offline stores becomes more important.

For snack enterprises, if they want to achieve long-term and far-reaching development, they must have Omni channel integration at a higher position and level in the future, upgrade and iterate online and physical channels, and develop in a scientific and balanced way, without structural shortcomings.

5、 R & D and industrial chain upgrading are the key to solve the problem of homogenization

At present, the snack industry is faced with the problems of small and scattered market players, low product differentiation and excessive price competition. The only way for future enterprises is to shift from homogeneous price war to high-quality development. The key lies in R & D and industrial chain upgrading, further improving quality and efficiency, meeting the market demand for high-quality products while reducing operating costs, and establishing an industry competition wall Base and moat.

At present, the top brands in the market are focusing on the upgrading of the industrial chain. Among them, the platform innovation of liangpin shop proposes to “take the road of Lighthouse type high-quality development”, three squirrels start the “alliance factory project”, and laiyifen builds a “healthy industrial community”.

6、 Brand positioning and culture revolve around lifestyle

With the continuous development of the times, each social stage shows different consumption characteristics. Japanese scholar Sanpu Zhan divides the consumption era since the rise of modern industrialization into four periods: the first period in which the middle class with the city as the center enjoys consumption, the second period in which mass production and mass consumption come from the real development of modern industrialization, and the third period in which consumption turns from group to individual Consumption era, and the fourth consumption era of pursuing lifestyle and life enrichment.

Although the beginning and end of time and forms of expression are different, China’s consumer society has also experienced roughly the same development process. At present, China’s consumer goods are organized, displayed and sold around the lifestyle of modern people. In the consumer goods market, although the consumers are individual and the consumption tendency is diversified, the life style has the commonness of the times. Behind the group consumption behavior on the macro level, it reflects the stage characteristics of social development and the social changes of the public psychology. Enterprises should pay attention to and think about what has happened in our times and what will happen soon The brand and corporate culture are positioned around the core of consumers’ lifestyle, including but not limited to: new middle class with leisure, open and sharing, cross-border and even boundless way of thinking, environmental awareness, national awareness, etc.

[1] Besides three meals a day, the consumption of food for residents’ leisure activities, such as leisure, rest and travel, has the characteristics of randomness, high frequency and scene. According to the classification of China Food Industry Association, snacks can be divided into 10 categories: Cereals leisure food (baking, puffing and frying), candy chocolate, fried nuts, cooked leisure bean products, leisure vegetarian fruits and vegetables (including dried and wet fruits and vegetables), dried meat, jelly, preserved fruit, western dessert pie and others.

[2] Data source: magic mirror Market Intelligence “tmall market analysis report 2020”

[3] The data comes from magic mirror market intelligence

[4] 0 addition refers to the products that are not added or used trans fatty acids, synthetic preservatives, synthetic pigments, synthetic sweeteners, microwave treatment and irradiation treatment; high standard refers to the products whose sensory, physical and chemical, pollutants, mycotoxins, microorganisms and additives meet the general requirements for children’s snacks (Group Standard No.: t / cfca0015-2020). Read more: Nielsen: global consumers spend $374 billion a year on snacks Internet of things industry analysis report: the current situation and future of global Internet of things industry 19.8% year-on-year growth China Federation of Commerce & China National Business Information Center: Top 100 retail enterprises in China in 2019 China National Business Information Center: clothing retail sales of national key large retail enterprises increased by 12.5% year-on-year in 2012 &Future trend people’s website: the development status of China’s Internet consumption – information chart the development status and trend of Ott TV 15 charts to see the development status of artificial intelligence 30 ppts to share the development status and trend of “used car e-commerce” at home and abroad

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