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Research shows that good students spend more time playing games

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According to a joint study by universities in Serbia, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, good students spend more time playing games, which is also good for their studies. But the results also show that most students tend to play games in a leisure way, because a large number of games may lead to addiction, which may have a negative impact on learning outcomes in the long run.

However, another often overlooked and misunderstood fact is that playing games is very beneficial for the best students, at least based on a small sample.

By collecting (and analyzing) quantitative data from “a small public university in Saudi Arabia,” the researchers found that the best students not only spend more time playing games, but also achieve (and maintain) excellent grades.

Research shows: “students with excellent academic performance spend more time playing games, almost as much time as they spend on learning activities, and surprisingly, their academic performance is still high.”

The study further points out that the best students choose the “play hard, study hard” approach, which means they reward themselves by playing games. The right game can influence social opportunities and improve problem-solving ability, both of which can promote students to stand out in their respective academic (or professional) fields.

Of course, although the results of this new study are the same, the sample size and data pool used in this study are small, and the results of other countries may be different from those of these Middle East countries.

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