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Research shows that the epidemic is driving the demand for virtual studios From Window

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According to the research of videstream, a search website for transmission and production facilities, the demand for virtual studios has increased exponentially since March 2020. In view of the continuous restrictions, companies and broadcasters hope to turn to virtual production. A historical analysis of the keyword “virtual studio” shows that since March 2020, search volume has increased by 90% year-on-year.

The report analyzes hundreds of other keywords to track needs and interests around the topic. According to the report, Google’s search volume for “virtual studio” totaled 69300 times between March and December 2019. In the same period of 2020, the number of searches increased by 90% to 132300.

There was a significant increase in some keywords, including “virtual newsroom” (190% year-on-year), “virtual set design” (125% year-on-year) and “3D virtual set” (264% year-on-year).

Like the epidemic, the rapid growth of virtual studios is a global phenomenon, but the demand of five countries accounts for almost 35%, and the search volume from the United States is only a little more than 11% of the total search volume.

According to graphics and virtual studio production company ‘the epidemic means that broadcasters have to create a safer working environment for talent, and virtual studios can help achieve that goal through the tools they provide, ‘said Mike Phillipson, chief operating officer of. “In the past few years, the demand for virtual studios has been rising for many reasons. With the continuous improvement of technology, the output quality of virtual engine is also improving. The opportunity for customers to create something special and unforgettable is huge. Linked to improvements around matting, which is an integral part of virtual solutions, virtual studios are starting to become the norm. “

“We have seen novel coronavirus pneumonia accelerating this process, and now it is not just opinion leaders, but also a wider group, because they have to focus on telecommuting, so they are more comfortable with it. In addition, it should be pointed out that this revolution is largely due to game technology. It’s also helping to drive the changes we’re seeing now, and combining the digital world with the real world has always been their top priority. As a result, their knowledge and technology have penetrated into a new generation of filmmakers, broadcasters and the media and helped them gain power. “

In terms of the significance of this acceleration to the industry, Phillipson pointed out that with more and more pre application of VR and other broadcasting technologies in the mode, the business mode of pre production, shooting and post production has inevitably changed, which is not only for aesthetic and practical reasons, but also for cost reasons. “As they become more mature and at the same time lower costs, broadcasters and media companies will only become more virtualized in the future,” he added

“The aim of this competition is to make it more complex and the results more ‘real’ – so I think we’ll see improvements in graphics cards, such as real-time ray tracing, to improve quality. I think artificial intelligence will also develop, not only in the content creation of motion simulation, three-dimensional texture and post motion capture data processing, but also in more advanced visual effects software functions, and one day virtual movies or production teams will become a reality. ” He concluded.

Source: Advanced Television * this article is compiled by the future media network

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