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Research shows that toilet hand dryers are more likely to spread pollution than paper towels From American Association of health care epidemiology

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According to a study published today in the journal infection control and hospital epidemiology of the American Association of health care epidemiology, compared with paper towels, high-speed air dryers not only leave more pollution on unclean hands, but also spread bacteria to clothes during hand drying, eventually transferring more bacteria to other surfaces.

Past studies have shown that the recommended hand washing practices of medical staff are often not followed, with an average adherence rate of 40%. To better understand the effect of hand drying on hand hygiene, researchers conducted an experiment to understand the role of different hand drying methods in spreading bacteria from poorly washed hands to places outside the toilet.

In the study, volunteers disinfected their hands with 70% alcohol disinfectant, soaked them in a harmless virus solution, shaken them well, and then dried them with an air dryer or paper towel. During the experiment, volunteers put on aprons and tested their clothes for contamination. Then, volunteers take a predetermined path through the hospital to touch commonly used surfaces, such as elevator buttons, along the way. Samples were collected from surfaces contacted by volunteers and from aprons.

The researchers said that based on the user and surface contamination observed after hand drying with high-speed air dryers, we questioned the choice of air dryers in the medical environment. The residual microorganisms after hand drying can be transferred to the surface of objects through contaminated hands and clothes. On average, when volunteers dried their hands with an air dryer, the surface they touched was 10 times more contaminated than with a paper towel. The researchers also saw that when volunteers used air dryers, microbes were transferred to aprons to a higher degree. After using the air dryer, the microorganisms transferred to the volunteers’ clothes, which is also one of the reasons for the spread of the bacteria.

This research is carried out in the medical environment, which has important reference significance for those medical institutions who are still installing high-speed air dryers in toilets, but the research results also have reference significance for public toilets with large flow of people.

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