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Salary survey report for the first quarter of 2021 From A bright future

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The salary of employees keeps increasing trend month on month

According to the data of 51job Human Resources Research Center, the average salary of 27 popular cities in the first quarter of 2021 (Note: the average salary in this paper refers to the monthly average of the total income of the current quarter, and the year-end bonus is not counted) continues to grow compared with the previous quarter. The analysis shows that the current enterprises have adapted to the “normalization of epidemic situation” and the operation tends to be stable. Compared with 2020, the internal and external conditions for enterprises to adjust employees’ salaries have gradually improved. As an important adjustment window for annual salaries, a considerable proportion of enterprises have made corresponding salary adjustments in the first quarter.

The data shows that the salary increase of non first tier developed cities is still in the lead; On the one hand, non first tier developed cities take the lead in resuming work and production, and the economic recovery time is long; Secondly, the enterprises in non first tier developed cities have relatively strong strength and strong recovery ability, and the salary base is lower than that in first tier cities with strong enterprise strength, so the salary promotion space is relatively large.

Income at all levels continued to pick up

In the first quarter of 2021, the salary of employees at all levels in the top ten cities in China kept increasing compared with the previous quarter, and the salary increase of employees at all levels was relatively leading; The analysis shows that the employee level is more sensitive to the changes of the external economic environment. When the conditions for salary adjustment are met, the enterprise inclines to the basic employees, which is conducive to the daily stable operation.

Different types of enterprise pay rise uneven

By analyzing the salary situation of different types of enterprises in the first quarter, private enterprises and state-owned enterprises are relatively in the lead. The analysis shows that thanks to the control of the domestic epidemic, the operation of private and state-owned enterprises has recovered better and faster, while the international epidemic is still repeated, the economic environment is not clear, and some foreign-funded enterprises are still affected to some extent.

High tech industry continues to lead in salary increase

In the first quarter of 2021, the top five industries of salary increase are finance / investment / securities industry, communication / Telecommunication / network equipment industry, electronic technology / semiconductor / integrated circuit industry, Internet / e-commerce industry and professional service industry. Under the background of the normalization of the epidemic situation, digital technology and economic society are further deeply integrated, which makes the high-tech industry still maintain a relatively strong momentum of development and occupy three places in the top five industries of salary increase.

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