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Sixty percent of college students choose to resign because their work is too simple

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Ma Yun has said that there are many reasons for employees to resign. There are only two kinds of the most real reasons: 1. The money is not in place; 2. The heart is wronged. All this comes down to one thing: bad work. After 00, college students begin to work. What are the reasons for their resignation? Recently, 5868 college students across the country were interviewed by the media about their employability.

In the survey of the reasons for resigning after 00, low salary ranked first, accounting for 81.42% of the total number of respondents, followed by simple work content and lack of sense of value, accounting for 61.19% of the total number of respondents.

It was followed by those who didn’t get along well with colleagues (42.11%), poor office hardware (38.45%) and leaders’ incomprehension (32.94%).

In addition, the canteen “is not the United States, the price is not cheap”, work too early also become part of the 00 resignation reasons.

In 2021, the number of fresh graduates reached a record high of 9.09 million. Although the employment pressure is not small, college students have confidence in the job market.

The survey found that 60.91% of the respondents attached importance to the company’s development and 50.58% of the respondents attached importance to the personal growth.

In terms of salary, more than half of the respondents expect their monthly salary to be between 7000 yuan and 15000 yuan, accounting for 54.47% of the total respondents; about a quarter expect their salary to be more than 15000 yuan; and another 2.81% expect their monthly salary to be more than 50000 yuan.

More than half of the college students yearn for the new first tier cities, accounting for 52.57% of the survey. 32.16% of the students interviewed said they yearn for the first tier cities, and their yearning for the new first tier cities has exceeded that of the first tier cities.

Internet iFLYTEK has become a popular choice, byte beating, HUAWEI, Alibaba 00 after the heartbeat Top3, the top 10 are Tencent, millet, Jingdong, drops, HKUST iFLYTEK, Sina and Kwai.

China University Media Alliance: in 2017, only 21% of Chinese college students went to bed before 23 o’clock. China Youth Daily: a survey shows that nearly 60% of college students are worried about their appearance. They can buy six iPhones every month after graduating from American universities China Youth Daily: a survey shows that nearly 80% of the college students interviewed are willing to support domestic products China campus market alliance: in 2016, the average monthly living expenses of Chinese college students reached 1423 yuan, China University Media Alliance: 55.06% of College Students’ summer vacation “home” brush mobile phones, CCTV: nearly 30% of College Students’ hearing impairment, universum: only 18% of Chinese college students are interested in multinational companies Interesting China campus market alliance: in 2016, the proportion of Chinese college students with apple mobile phones was as high as 19.84%. China more than 40% of college students will be bored if they don’t play with mobile phones in a day. the survey report on the enrollment of Chinese college students in 2014 shows that the vast majority of college students often surf the Internet 87.3% of the total number of mobile games among Chinese college students in 2014: Social Science Literature Press: 2013 Research Report on the lifestyle of Chinese College Students

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