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Spring tea map of China in 2021

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Spring has arrived. There are many ways to feel spring. At present, a map about spring tea on the Internet is hot. Let’s feel it. Now, China Weather Network has sent out a map of spring tea, which mainly shows the distribution of China’s top ten spring tea, among which Jiangnan tea area is the most concentrated. The growth conditions of tea trees are very harsh, and there are certain requirements for light, water and temperature. The average annual rainfall in the producing area should be about 1000 to 1500 mm, the light should not be too much or too weak, and the average annual temperature should reach 16 ℃ to 25 ℃.

In China, there are four tea producing areas in southwest, South China, Jiangnan and Jiangbei. Except for some tea producing areas in South China, most of the tea producing areas have seasonal characteristics in tea growth and tea picking.

Among them, Jiangnan tea district is the place where famous tea is produced most. Among the top ten spring teas in China, Biluochun tea from Dongting, Jiangsu, Anhua black tea from Hunan, Longjing tea from Xihu, Zhejiang and Houkui tea from Taiping, Anhui are all from Jiangnan tea district. In addition, the top ten spring teas include Anhui Lu’an Guapian, Henan Xinyang Maojian and Shandong Laoshan green tea from Jiangbei, Yunnan Pu’er and Sichuan Zhuyeqing from southwest, and Fujian Fuding white tea from South China.

Jiangnan tea area is rich in spring tea varieties, which is inseparable from its unique climatic conditions. Tea plantations in Jiangnan tea area are mainly distributed in hilly areas, with soil pH value between 5 and 5.5, and high content of organic matter.

In addition, the central and northern part of Jiangnan tea area has a mid subtropical monsoon climate. Taking Hangzhou, the birthplace of West Lake Longjing, as an example, it has four distinct seasons, abundant rainfall, annual average temperature of 17 ℃, annual precipitation of 1438 mm, and annual sunshine hours of 1709 hours, which is very conducive to the growth of tea trees. During the growth period of tea plant, if the rainfall is sufficient and the air humidity is high, the new shoots and leaves will be larger, the internodes will be longer, the yield will be higher, and the content of materials will be rich, and the quality of tea will be good.

It should also be noted that, in terms of varieties, there are many kinds of spring tea, mainly green tea, as well as fermented tea such as Yunnan Pu’er tea and Hunan Anhua black tea. People who taste good tea have their own advantages. In addition to tasting tea, there are many other tips that can help us judge whether spring tea is good or bad. They are mainly divided into dry tea and wet tea.

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