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Studies have found that eating a good breakfast can prevent obesity and high blood sugar

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There is a saying that “eat well for breakfast, eat well for lunch and eat less for dinner”, which is good for your health. Is there any scientific basis for this statement? New research has confirmed that having a good breakfast really helps. The study was published in February in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & metabolism.

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Sixteen normal weight male volunteers took part in the test for three days. The researchers compared two rounds of tests. In the first round, volunteers were given a low calorie breakfast and a high calorie dinner. The former accounted for 11% of their daily caloric needs, while the latter accounted for 69%.

In the second round, on the contrary, high calorie breakfast and low calorie dinner were arranged for the volunteers. The former accounted for 69% of the daily caloric demand and the latter for 11%.

With the same amount of calories in two meals but different proportions, the study found that the increase in DIT (food induced fever) in the morning was 2.5 times that in the evening, which means that if you eat well in the morning, you will consume more calories in the process of digesting and absorbing food (Note: digesting food is also a process of energy consumption).

Not only the calorie consumption is different, but also the blood glucose and insulin rise after breakfast is lower than that after dinner.

All in all, the study confirmed that breakfast with more calories is good for human health and can prevent obesity and hyperglycemia.

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