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Studies have found that pink drinks can help people improve their performance From University of Westminster

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According to foreign media reports, a new study led by the University of Westminster Nutrition Center shows that pink drinks can help people run faster and farther than transparent drinks. The researchers found that pink drinks improved athletic performance by 4.4 percent and added a “feel good” effect to make exercise look easier.

The study, published in the journal frontiers of nutrition, is the first to assess the impact of beverage color on sports performance, and may open up a new way for future research in the field of sports drinks and sports.

In the study, participants were asked to run at a self selected speed for 30 minutes on a treadmill to ensure that their speed was consistent. Throughout the exercise, they gargle with a low calorie pink artificial sweet drink or a transparent drink that is also artificial sweet and low calorie.

The two drinks are exactly the same, but they look different – the researchers added food dyes to the pink drinks to change the color. The researchers chose pink because it is associated with perceived sweetness, thus increasing expectations of sugar and carbohydrate intake.

Previous studies have also shown that gargling with carbohydrates can improve exercise performance by reducing the perceived intensity of exercise, so the researchers wanted to assess whether gargling with pink drinks without carbohydrate stimulation can cause similar benefits through a potential placebo effect.

The results showed that after using the pink drink, the participants ran an average of 212 meters more, and their average speed in the exercise test also increased by 4.4%. The sense of happiness was also enhanced, which meant participants found running more enjoyable. Future exploratory studies are necessary to find out whether the proposed placebo effect results in similar activation of reward areas in the brain, which is commonly reported when gargling with carbohydrates.

Referring to the study, Dr. Sanjoy DEB, the corresponding author of the paper from the University of Westminster, said: “the effect of color on athletic performance has received attention before, from its effect on Athletes’ equipment to its effect on testosterone and muscle strength. Similarly, the role of color in food has also received extensive attention, and studies on how visual cues or color affect subsequent taste perception during eating and drinking have been published

“Our results combine the art of gastronomy with performance nutrition because the addition of a pink colorant to the artificial sweetener solution not only enhances the perception of sweetness, but also enhances pleasure, self selected running speed and distance during running.”

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