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Studies have shown a significant association between late night mobile phone play and poor sleep

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Maybe many people have the habit of playing with mobile phones before going to bed, but it is precisely this habit that affects the quality of our sleep. In a recent paper published in the journal frontiers in psychology, medical researchers surveyed more than 1000 students at King’s University of London and found that there is a very obvious relationship between late night use of mobile phones, smartphone addiction and poor sleep.

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In this study, the researchers asked students 10 questions about their smartphone habits. The problems mainly focus on the overall use of smart phones, sleep habits and the last time of the day to stop using them. When the team counted the results, nearly 40% of the respondents were diagnosed with smartphone addiction.

The main reason why cell phones affect sleep is that the light from the screen keeps our brains awake. In addition to the brightness of the screen, the hue of the light affects the brain’s response, and blue light is the worst. Warm light makes people want to sleep more, which is one of the reasons why F. lux and dark mode are popular.

Although blue light can be reduced through these software, smart phones are still the main cause of sleep disturbance. The survey found that the longer someone uses a mobile phone after sunset, the more likely they are to become addicted to it. Researchers at King’s College London revealed that more than 61% of respondents said they had poor sleep quality, and there was a positive correlation between those who met the criteria for Smartphone addiction and those who also said they had poor sleep quality. Nearly 69% of the individuals with qualified smartphone addiction habits said they had difficulty sleeping, while 57% of the individuals who did not meet the addiction criteria.

“Smartphone addiction is common and occurs more frequently among young people,” the researchers said. The length of screen time is not equal to addiction; an effective addiction tool should be used to capture this phenomenon. People who show smartphone addiction tend to have very poor sleep quality.

San Diego State University: suicide rate of American teenagers playing with mobile phones for a long time rises 31% American College of Cardiology: research finds that playing with mobile phones for more than five hours a day is more likely to get fat. Research shows that human sleep time is much lower than other primates. How harmful is playing with mobile phones to children? University of Washington School of Medicine: research finds that lack of sleep can accelerate brain damage and lead to dementia. University of Villanova: research finds that people unconsciously text in their sleep. University of California, Berkeley: research finds that lack of sleep can reduce social willingness. Oxford University: research finds that sleeping is like earning more makes people happier. University of Exeter School of Medicine: Research Covid-19, the American Nutrition Institute: the study found that sleep deprivation was associated with malnutrition. The new coronal pestilence had delayed 2 to 3 hours of total sleep. Sleep Medicine found that 75% of sleep was severely lacking and could not be supplementation at weekends. Guangzhou Medical University: sleeping more than 60 minutes during the day may increase the risk of death and sleep better. These are the three kinds of sleep disorders. Have you tried the alternative method?

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