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Studies have shown that a vegetarian diet may endanger bone health From BfR

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According to a new study by the German Federal Institute for risk assessment (BFR), a vegetarian diet – excluding all animal foods – may lead to poorer bone health than people who eat a more diverse diet. The results were based on data analysis of 36 vegetarians and 36 people who ate a variety of foods, including animal products.

The study involved biomarker analysis of blood and urine samples, as well as ultrasound examination of participants’ ankles. After analyzing the data, the researchers found that vegetarians had lower ultrasound values than those on a mixed food diet. The results suggest that a vegetarian diet may lead to worse bone health. The study also found that bone health-related biomarkers were lower in most vegetarian participants than in other participants.

The low concentration of biomarkers such as vitamin A and B6 may be the reason for the poor bone health observed by ultrasound. Commenting on the findings, Dr. Andreas Hensel, President of BFR, said: “vegetarianism is generally considered health conscious. However, our scientific findings show that vegetarianism does affect bone health

This is the latest study to assess a vegetarian diet and its potential impact on health – some have pointed out the benefits of a vegetarian diet, such as reducing cardiovascular risk and increasing weight loss, while others have identified concerns primarily related to potential nutrient deficiencies, including in children.

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