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A new study published recently in the Journal General Psychiatry suggests that regular naps (longer than 5 minutes / shorter than 2 hours) can help improve cognitive health in the elderly. In this observational study, more than 1500 elderly subjects with afternoon nap habit and 600 control subjects without afternoon nap habit were recruited. The results showed that afternoon nap can alleviate the neuroinflammation related to aging, and improve cognitive function and agility.

(from: BMJ / Medical Press)

The report points out that the study has made three important findings

First of all, compared with the elderly who did not take a nap, the experimental group who used to take a nap in the afternoon showed higher cognitive ability.

Secondly, the level of triglyceride (TG) of the elderly in the nap group was higher, indicating that the improvement of direction, language and memory in the nap group was very significant.

Finally, the average sleep time of the nap group and the control group was 6.5 hours per night, which means that the experimental group did not take the nap to make up for the sleep of the previous night.

Research flow chart

What’s more, the researchers have noticed the paradox that not all supplementary sleep is beneficial. If you sleep too long during the day, stroke and all-cause mortality are higher.

On the one hand, daytime nap is beneficial to the recovery of the immune system, while midday and night sleep is helpful to immune repair.

On the other hand, whether young or old people, sleeping more during the day is easy to lead to the decline of immunity.

Previous studies have clearly shown that excessive sleep in the elderly is associated with the onset of Alzheimer’s disease and neurodegeneration. To weigh the pros and cons of napping habits, the researchers decided to explore a wider range of sleep behaviors.

After reading a lot of literature, the researchers found that the advantages and disadvantages of siesta are closely related to the length of rest time.

If more than 2 hours, the cognitive performance of elderly subjects will be worse. But in this new study, none of these elderly people took a nap longer than two hours, which may be one of the main reasons why we came to a very different conclusion.

Details of this study have been published in the recently published journal general psychology, with the original title of “relationship between afterwards mapping and cognitive function in the aging Chinese population”.

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