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The Linux foundation’s revenue is expected to reach $177 million in 2021 From Linux foundation

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The Linux foundation, which is famous for hosting many open source projects and managing and maintaining the Linux kernel, has organized numerous activities and hired various lf researchers, such as Linux Torvalds and Greg kroah Hartman. Today, the foundation released their annual report for 2021. The annual report outlines their progress in various open source / Linux software during the year, the current membership list, and other summaries of their work during the year.

They also highlighted the growth of their more than 1000 members, providing services to 750 open source project communities, the needs of open source careers, and various diversity and inclusiveness indicators.

For those curious about the financial health of the Linux foundation, they predict revenue of $177 million in 2021. About 55% of them come from membership fees and donations, about 26% from project support, 9.5% from training and 8.9% from event sponsorship and registration. Compared with their previous documents, this is a lot more than the revenue of $124 million in 2019 and $96 million in 2018… Back ten years ago, their revenue was only $15 million in 2011, less than 1 / 10 of today.

However, the foundation’s revenue and expenditure are not balanced, because it is predicted that this year’s expenditure will be $180 million, of which 56% will be used for project support, 12.5% for community infrastructure, 7.8% for enterprise operation, 7.4% for community training, 7.2% for community tools, 5.4% for community activities, and 3.4% for Linux kernel support.

The 2021 annual report of the Linux foundation can be downloaded from the Linux website.

Interestingly, as soon as the annual report went online, it faced some criticism because the document was made on MacOS using Adobe software products. They have done so in the past. In public before the pandemic, they found that it was not uncommon for directors of the Linux foundation and other stakeholders to use MacOS of Apple MacBook products.

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