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The study found that a glass of beer has 200000 to 2 million bubbles From American Chemical Society

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According to foreign media reports, have you ever poured yourself a glass of beer, then gazed at its bubbling depth and thought, “well, I want to know how many bubbles there are in it?” You might think it’s a stupid question, but the scientists did, and they came up with a number, and they calculated the number of bubbles that a half pint of beer would produce – 200000 to 2 million.

“These bubbles are important sensory elements in beer tasting, just like sparkling wine, because they transmit taste and odor compounds,” the American Chemical Society said in a statement on Wednesday local time

Gerard liger Belair, a researcher at the University of Reims Champaign in Arden, France, counted the number of bubbles in a flute of champagne before discussing beer. Liger Belair is the lead author of a paper on bubble numbers published in ACS Omega at the end of March.

The researchers estimated the bubbles by measuring carbon dioxide, calculating how glass promotes bubble formation, and high-speed photography that helps them track the bubbles floating to the top.

There is a big deviation in this estimation. The number of bubbles in beer varies with the style of the beer, the type of glass in which the beer is held and other factors that affect the number of bubbles.

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