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The study found that fitness ring can effectively improve the physical and mental health of patients with chronic low back pain

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In April this year, a group of medical health experts from Japan published a paper in the Journal of game health to study the effect of Nintendo game fitness ring adventure on pain relief and mental health of patients with chronic low back pain.

According to the authors, there are more and more studies on the therapeutic effect of fitness games recently, but few studies focus on whether these measures are effective for chronic low back pain. In the study, they hypothesized that the exercise in the fitness ring adventure was effective for patients with chronic low back pain, and conducted a series of randomized prospective longitudinal studies.

In Japan, the lifetime prevalence of chronic low back pain is as high as 83%, of which 85% is identified as non-specific low back pain, and the specific causes are very difficult to identify. It has been considered that low back pain involves not only organic factors (physiological causes), but also social and psychological factors.

The subjects were 40 patients with chronic low back pain randomly selected; The experimental group consisted of 9 males and 11 females with an average age of 49.3 years; They received 40 minutes of physical therapy once a week for eight consecutive weeks through the fitness ring adventure. The control group consisted of 12 men and 8 women who received oral medication for pain during the eight week period. Before and after 8 weeks of treatment, their physical pain was measured and analyzed, and their psychological scores, including pain self-efficacy, pain catastrophes and fear of sports, were evaluated.

The study was approved by Chiba University Hospital of Japan. Subjects were admitted to the orthopedic clinic of Chiba University Hospital from January to July 2020. The subjects were all patients who had been ill for more than 3 months, and the treatment was not improved, and they understood and agreed to the study.

The study found that in the experimental group using fitness ring, back pain, hip pain and pain self-efficacy were significantly improved after 8 weeks, but lower limb numbness, catastrophic pain or sports phobia were not significantly improved.

In the control group, there was no significant improvement after 8 weeks of oral treatment.

At the same time, they also compared the pain examination and psychological examination results of the experimental group and the control group after eight weeks of treatment.

Finally, the researchers concluded that although the fitness ring can effectively improve low back pain and pain self-efficacy, but the patients’ fear of exercise symptoms have not been effectively alleviated. Although cognitive behavioral therapy can improve pain, it also can’t improve pain catastrophes and motor phobia. Therefore, in the game, through the exercise of patients themselves, encouraging patients to try and make mistakes repeatedly can effectively improve the self-efficacy of pain, and let patients feel that they can control pain《 Compared with physical therapy, fitness ring adventure is cheap and easy to deploy; Even without the supervision of a physical therapist, it can provide effective exercise therapy for low back pain. The most important thing is that the game elements in the fitness ring adventure can keep the patients motivated and make it easier for them to continue to exercise.

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