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The study found that men who eat more garlic are more attractive to women From The University of Stirling

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Eating noodles without garlic is half as nutritious as eating noodles without garlic. Students in the North may have an impression of this sentence. As a kind of condiment, garlic has high nutritional value, but its smell is not very pleasant. But regardless of the tone, garlic can actually improve the attractiveness of men to women. A team from Stirling University and Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic, recently published a new research report on garlic, focusing on the attractiveness of men who eat or don’t eat garlic to women.

For this reason, they searched for 42 male volunteers and compared the results of eating garlic raw, taking garlic capsules and not eating garlic. 82 female volunteers were asked to smell the collected male odor samples and score them according to the strong odor, masculinity, attraction and pleasure.

The results showed that men would not be more attractive until they ate enough garlic. Six grams of garlic is equivalent to two cloves of garlic. If they eat it with bread and cheese, the results are basically the same as if they only eat bread and cheese.

But if the garlic portion is raised to 12g, that is, four cloves of garlic, men will smell more attractive than when they don’t eat garlic.

If you think eating raw garlic will cause breath problems, you can also try garlic capsules, and the results are similar, which still helps to improve the attractiveness.

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