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A new study of French and American consumers has found that narcissists drink more wine than non narcissists because they associate wine with greater social attractiveness. The study also shows that these social benefits lead narcissists to drink wine, if not particularly.

Past studies have shown that people associate wine with affluence, prestige and maturity. As a kind of “dominant consumption” object, wine can let people show their social status and social ability. Studies have even found that drinking wine actually makes people more attractive.

These are the qualities narcissists love to exude: wealth, power and attraction. From spiritual narcissists to covert narcissists, they all seem to have a common quality, “believing that they are special and more important than others,” as the authors of this study write.

The relationship between narcissist and wine

The findings prompted a team in France and Australia to investigate whether these traits also prompted narcissists to drink more wine than non narcissists.

They did two studies in France to test their conjecture. Of course, the wine cultures of the two countries are very different. France’s per capita consumption of wine (PDF) is about three times that of the United States. Nevertheless, wine consumption in the United States has been rising for decades, from Wal Mart wines to William Hill Chateau Chardonnay. The study of these two countries makes the results more universal.

The first study consisted of 654 French adults recruited through a consumer research company, Toluna. The sample consisted of 56% men and 44% women from different occupational and educational backgrounds. Their average age was about 40, and about a quarter of the participants were under 35.

Participants answered questions about their background and their typical consumption levels of red, white and peach wines.

They also completed a four item narcissism measurement. It requires them to answer statements such as “I tend to expect special favors from others” and “I tend to seek fame or status.”.

Results: do narcissists drink more wine?

The researchers found a significant positive correlation between narcissism and wine consumption. In their sample, narcissistic wine consumers drink wine more frequently and are more likely to associate wine consumption with social attractiveness. They are also more likely to think of themselves as wine experts. In addition, they are more likely to be male, more educated and richer. The age of the subjects did not play an important role.

Just as the author thinks, the more narcissistic wine consumers are, the more they think it is

Wine consumers are not necessarily wine lovers

The second study of the paper took place in the United States. The researchers wanted to see if their findings in France would be replicated elsewhere. But they also want to investigate whether narcissists drink more wine, even if they don’t like wine very much. In other words, are some narcissists drinking just for perceived benefits of status promotion.

The second study also used market research companies to recruit subjects. The US sample consisted of 192 participants, 55% female and 45% male, with an average age of 32 years. The subjects answered a set of questions similar to those in the first study.

As expected, the researchers found similar results, further supporting their hypothesis that “narcissists consume more wine because they associate this consumption with social attractiveness.”.

The second study also found that narcissists, even those who did not associate wine consumption with happiness, still consume more wine. In other words, “the social reward from consumption seems to be more important than the (emotional reward) of drinking wine itself.”. This leads narcissists to consume more wine “even when they don’t think the experience is a pleasant experience.”.

“People with high levels of narcissism consume more alcohol to meet their conspicuous needs in society,” the author wrote in the summary

Narcissists abuse alcohol: a surprising and appropriate analogy

These findings may be useful to advertisers, the authors write. Positioning narcissists as consumers more likely to consume wine may prove to be a cost-effective strategy. However, the author cautions that this may also have a negative rebound effect. Reckless encouragement of excessive consumption of wine may lead to stricter restrictions on alcohol advertising.

In fact, narcissism and excessive drinking have more in common than people think. The author mentions that previous studies have shown that “narcissism is seen as an addiction,” that is, an addiction to self-esteem and worship. Addictive desire eventually begins to “dominate other motives and reduce rational behavior,” the authors write.

To further expand this analogy, narcissists may lack self-control in seeking ways to enhance their social attractiveness. As a result, they may “lack self-control when drinking, if they see it as a tool to help them improve their social image.”.

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