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The study found that two-thirds of the public suffered from hand dermatitis due to frequent hand washing during the new crown pandemic

The following is the The study found that two-thirds of the public suffered from hand dermatitis due to frequent hand washing during the new crown pandemic recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Life data.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is a hot topic in the spring 2021 seminar of the European Institute for disease prevention and prevention, according to foreign media reports. The new study highlights the impact of strict hand hygiene on hand skin health during a pandemic. Researchers at the father Muller School of medicine in India analyzed 582 people (291 healthcare professionals with HCP and 291 healthy people) for percutaneous water loss (TEWL – an important parameter for measuring skin barrier function).

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The results showed that 92.6% of HCP and 68.7% of the general population had hand dermatitis at present, although only ~ 3% of HCP and 2.4% of the general population had a history of hand dermatitis in the study (this group of values were obtained through medical history and self-reported medical history). Women (65.4 g / m2h) and intensive care professionals (58.2 g / m2h) also had higher average water loss rate, which was related to frequent hand washing and use of alcohol containing hand sanitizer.

Both HCP and general public participants in this study indicated that skin irritation and dryness were major barriers to continued hand hygiene.

“This study does demonstrate the impact of increased hand washing and use of alcohol based hand sanitizers on HCP and hand skin health of the general public,” said Dr. Monisha madhumita of the father Muller School of medicine in India. In addition, we now know that measuring skin barrier function using water loss can help us compare the effectiveness of various barrier protection measures and find appropriate hand hygiene habits and products to help prevent hand eczema. For many people in our community, it is crucial to find appropriate improvement practices and products to increase access to appropriate hand hygiene. “

Marie aleth Richard, a member of the board of directors of the European Institute for disease prevention, added: “this study shows that there is a skin disease epidemic in the cowid-19 pandemic. It’s very promising to see this problem recognized, and I’m glad to see how the dermatology community is looking for potential solutions to this problem. “

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