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The study found that women’s menstrual cycles are briefly synchronized with the lunar cycle

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According to foreign media reports, a study of 22 women’s long-term menstrual cycle records over 32 years shows that women with menstrual cycles of more than 27 days will periodically synchronize with the cycles that affect the intensity and gravity of the moon. However, this synchronicity disappears as women age and are exposed to artificial light at night.

The researchers hypothesized that in ancient times, human reproductive behavior might have been synchronized with the moon, but that changed with the advent of modern lifestyles and increased exposure to artificial light at night. Although previous studies have shown that women with the closest menstrual cycle to the moon are the most likely to get pregnant, the impact of the moon on human reproduction remains a controversial topic.

To solve this long-standing mystery, Charlotte helfrich-f รถ Rster and his colleagues studied menstrual cycle data over an average span of 15 years, including records of 15 women under 35 and 17 women over 35.

The researchers found that most women’s menstrual cycle is consistent with the new moon at certain intervals. The consistency of the menstrual cycle with the minute to month was 13.1% in women under 35 years old and 17.7% in women over 35 years old, indicating that menstruation was also affected by the change of lunar gravity. In addition, the researchers observed that during long winter nights, when women were exposed to the moonlight for a long time, the phase of the moon and menstrual cycle would be more synchronized.

Although the moon’s luminous and gravity cycles have little effect on the menstrual cycle, the results show that the combined effect of these cycles will become greater. When the moon is closest to the earth, the menstrual cycle is the most consistent with the moon rhythm.

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