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The survey shows that sea level rises at a rate of 3.6 meters per century From Durham University

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As we all know, sea level rise caused by global warming will pose a serious threat to human beings. A new study finds that persistent ice loss events could cause sea levels to rise at a rate of 3.6 meters per century. If human beings do not effectively curb this trend of change, it will have very serious consequences.

This data conclusion is obtained by the research team from Durham University Based on the geological records of past sea level and other data. According to geological records, at the end of the last ice age, about 14600 years ago, sea level rose ten times as fast as it is now due to the mwp-1a. This is a sea level rise of 18 meters in 500 years.

At present, the scientific community has not reached an agreement on which ice sheet causes the rapid rise of sea level. Some people think it is the Antarctic ice sheet, and some evidence shows that it is the northern hemisphere ice sheet. The new study uses detailed geological sea level data and state-of-the-art modeling techniques to reveal the source of mwp-1a. Interestingly, most of the melt water seems to come from the former ice sheets of North America and Eurasia, and Antarctica’s contribution is negligible, reconciling previous different views.

In addition to inundating large areas of low-lying land, this unprecedented discharge of fresh water into the ocean – equivalent to melting an ice sheet twice the size of Greenland in just 500 years – will disrupt ocean circulation and have a chain reaction to global climate. Understanding the sources of meltwater will improve the accuracy of climate models used to replicate past and predict future changes.

These results are very important for us to understand the ice ocean climate interaction, which plays an important role in shaping the land weather model. These findings are particularly timely due to the rapid melting of Greenland ice, resulting in sea-level rise and changes in global ocean circulation.

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