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Where is the employment outlet in 2021?

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If you’re looking for a new job and have skills in e-commerce, healthcare or digital content, you’re lucky: LinkedIn predicts these areas will be the hottest jobs in 2021.

LinkedIn’s annual employment report analyzes employment trends in 15 countries around the world. A common feature is that almost all of the jobs mentioned can be telecommuting – which means that people with strong digital skills will have an important advantage in the job market. Here are some other major trends.

Just click the mouse

Since the outbreak of New Coronavirus pneumonia in Britain in March 2020, the number of daily necessities purchased online has doubled, contributing to the strong growth of e-commerce. From packers to supply chain experts, recruitment in the industry has increased 143%. The epidemic blockade has also led to the proliferation of new media platforms such as podcasts, with an audience of more than 15 million in 2020, creating opportunities for digital content freelancers.

Demand for digital content producers is also high in India and the United Arab Emirates. In India, YouTube penetration is 82%; in the United Arab Emirates, employment of digital content freelancers has increased 197% in the past year.

With the development of online services in 70% of the countries in Southeast Asia, the number of digital services in the region has increased significantly, including medical technology and educational technology. This year’s new demand is reflected in pharmacists, medical technicians and information technology teachers.

Care for the mind, body and soul

The same is true in Australia. Like many other countries, epidemics increase the demand for psychologists. The healthcare and social assistance industry is the fastest growing industry in Australia, employing more than 1.5 million people.

In the United States, after the new coronavirus pandemic, people called for the increase of medical experts in various fields, so the number of jobs in artificial intelligence and other fields increased rapidly.

Lingying predicts that there will be 150 million new technology jobs in the world in the next five years. In the United States, data scientists and data engineers will grow at a rate of 35% every year.

The report’s findings are in line with LinkedIn’s findings on the 10 most demanding jobs in 2020, namely the focus on technology. All of these positions rely heavily on digital capabilities, including software development, data analysis, digital marketing and graphic design.

Technologies that may be adopted by 2025. (photo source: future employment report 2020)

Digital transformation means new opportunities

The report’s conclusions are also consistent with the world economic forum’s 2020 report on future employment. Business leaders continue to focus on the rapid digital transformation, according to the report. 84% of employers have seen a massive expansion of telework, and a third have applied new digital tools for collaboration and community building.

The future employment report found that the number of people seeking online learning opportunities has increased fourfold, the number of online learning opportunities provided by employers has increased fivefold, and the number of online learning through government programs has increased fivefold. The unemployed are more focused on learning digital skills, such as data analysis and information technology.

LinkedIn said telecommuting would revolutionize the labor market by providing democratization opportunities for employees who may not live in major urban centers and opening up opportunities for employers to recruit new talent.

This shift has also changed many people’s careers – from sales to social media, from research to medical writing, from entrepreneurs to life coaches.

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