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According to the report, more than 60% of white-collar workers spend more than 30 yuan for supper; compared with lunch, white-collar workers are more willing to pay for supper; overtime is an important reason for them to eat supper; more than 50% of respondents often eat late at night alone.

Men born in the 90s and after 00 become the main part of the night snack

The proportion of female night snack in Nanjing is higher than that in other cities

The survey was conducted by convenience bee through more than 1800 stores in 20 cities across the country. According to the report, night snacks are more attractive to men – nearly 60% of the people who eat them are men, while only 41.23% are women.

However, compared with other cities, the proportion of female night snack in Nanjing is slightly higher, accounting for 43.56% of the total local night snack consumers.

The post-90s and post-00s have become the main consumers of night food, accounting for more than 70% of the total, and the proportion of those born after 00 is on the rise; the “combat effectiveness” of the Post-70s and 80s is not as good as that of the younger generation, only 10.3% and 17.2% respectively.

Parties and social activities highlight the “social attribute” of supper

But more than 30% of white-collar workers work overtime

Supper is not only a kind of activity to fill the stomach, but also more and more obvious. 49.1% and 14.7% of the respondents respectively said that the main reason for eating supper was friends’ parties and customer entertainment.

More than 30% of white-collar workers eat supper because they often work overtime. Maybe it’s because I miss dinner after working overtime, or I’m tired and hungry and have to eat late at night. This situation is most obvious in Shenzhen, Hangzhou and Beijing.

The report also shows that more than 50% of the respondents often enjoy supper alone, which is a “self pleasing consumption” and obtains self satisfaction through consumption.

Over 60% of white-collar workers spend more than 30 yuan for supper

Only 10% are willing to spend more than 30 yuan on lunch

Large stalls and barbecue stalls were still the most popular places for white-collar workers to eat supper, accounting for 69.78%; 38.27% of respondents chose restaurants and restaurants; convenience stores ranked third with a slight gap (34.09%).

The reason why respondents prefer convenience stores more and more is that they are “convenient”, which is close to the office or home, with 79.68% of the respondents’ approval; secondly, they have “more choices of food”, with 62.42% of the attention, and then the “good environment” (47.95%), which is cleaner, hygienic and more comfortable to eat than big food stalls.

The respondents were not sensitive to the price when they chose the supper. Shanghai white-collar workers are most willing to pay for the night snack.

Compared with the white-collar lunch report released by convenience bee in November, only 10% of white-collar workers spend more than 30 yuan on lunch, while 62.5% of them spend more than six times on the same price of night snack. This shows the potential of the night snack market.

Kanto cooking, fried products and milk are the overall “three giants”

Shanghai people drink coffee at night

From the national data point of view, Kanto cooking, fried food, milk become the most popular convenience store night snack three giants, but specific to each city, the situation is different.

Shenzhen white-collar workers finished the night snack the latest, and the peak consumption lasted until 1:00 a.m. beer and ice cream were still the best sellers at night, and Cantonese cuisine such as chezai noodles and fish egg balls also won the favor of consumers.

The peak of Suzhou people’s Supper comes earlier, usually around 10:00 p.m., but the consumption power can’t be underestimated. On average, a single store sells the most bread and cake at night.

Beijing people also like to drink, but they prefer foreign wine, which is accompanied by heavy flavor snacks such as Weilong hot strip and bee based spicy beef.

Tianjin people like to use takeaway service at night, and they can drink a cup of fresh sleep aid milk before going to bed.

The most expensive late night drink of Shanghainese is coffee. After 10 o’clock every night, coffee sales in many stores in Shanghai will usher in a small peak.

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