By December 2020, China’s express business has exceeded 80 billion From State Post Bureau

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According to official wechat of @ National Post Office, the monitoring data of national post office showed that on December 21, the annual business volume of express delivery in China exceeded 80 billion for the first time, ranking first in the world for seven consecutive years. It is understood that this year’s 80 billion express is a box of local products from Luotian, Huanggang, Hubei Province, which will be delivered to the recipients in Changsha, Hunan Province on the morning of December 22.

Since September 10, China’s express business volume reached 50 billion pieces this year, which has reached a 10 billion level every month, realizing the four consecutive jumps from 50 billion, 60 billion, 70 billion and 80 billion, which once again creates a new record in the development history of China’s express delivery.

In January this year novel coronavirus pneumonia and Spring Festival double factors affected the volume of express business in China for the first time, a negative growth of about 16%. With the continuous promotion of the resumption of work and production, the growth rate of express delivery business turned positive and returned to the high-speed growth range of more than 30%.

At present, the daily average of more than 200 million pieces of postal express industry has become the norm, and the daily average service users are nearly 400 million person times, and the role of service for people’s livelihood is more prominent.

According to the relevant official of the State Post Office, the postal express industry has been able to overcome the impact of the epidemic and return to the high growth range, thanks to the industry’s first return to work and production, to the acceleration of the online and offline integration development of China’s consumer market, and to the hard work of 4 million express delivery brothers working day and night like a diligent “little bee”.

As the most important delivery channel of online consumption, the rapid development of e-commerce has become the main source of express business growth. At the same time, the rapid growth of the third and fourth tier cities and rural markets makes the express market obtain new scale expansion while consumers enjoy economic online shopping services.

More reading: State Post Office: in the first half of 2017, the total revenue of express delivery business reached 218.12 billion yuan, up 27.2% year on year. State Post Office: from January to November 2020, China’s express delivery business has reached 74.1 billion pieces With a year-on-year growth of 30.5% state post office: in August 2017, the business volume of express service enterprises in China completed 3.26 billion pieces. State Post Office: in 2016, the number of express delivery services per capita was nearly 23. State Post Office: in September 2020, the number of express delivery in China exceeded 50 billion. State Post Office: on October 18, 2020, the National Express business volume exceeded 60 billion pieces. National Post Office: 36 pieces of express delivery service were used in China in 2018 National Post Office: in the first half of 2018, the investment and financing scale of China’s express logistics sector exceeded 100 billion yuan. State Post Office: from January to may 2020, the national express delivery volume reached 26.41 billion pieces, with a year-on-year growth of 18.4%. National Post Office: the express business volume in January 2017 was 2.21 billion State Post Office: in 2016, China’s express delivery business revenue reached 400.5 billion yuan. State Post Office: in 2017 Q1, the National Express business volume reached 7.59 billion pieces, with a year-on-year growth of 31.5%. State Post Office: it is estimated that China’s express delivery business revenue will reach 353 billion yuan in 2016. State Post Office: in 2014, China’s express delivery business accounted for 63.9% of the postal industry

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