By the beginning of February 2021, China’s express business volume has exceeded 10 billion pieces From State Post Bureau

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According to the real-time monitoring data of the postal industry safety supervision information system of the State Post Office, as of February 7, China’s 10 billion express was born in 2021. It took only 38 days to achieve this achievement, and 79 days in 2019 and 80 days in 2020 due to the impact of the epidemic. The record time of 10 billion business volume of express delivery not only highlights the vitality of the express industry, but also highlights the important role of the industry in promoting consumption and smooth economic cycle.

A gift sent to my hometown brings back the concerns and homesickness of the tourists, and a new year’s gift sent from my hometown carries the thoughts and blessings of my family. Different from previous years, under the background of advocating “Celebrating the Chinese new year on the spot”, online New Year greetings and express delivery have become new ways of celebrating the Chinese New Year. Express packages express the most sincere wishes from relatives and friends. The flow of new year’s goods has given birth to new consumer demand, activated the huge domestic demand market, and also brought new opportunities for the express industry to start in 2021. Data show that since the launch of the online New Year’s festival on January 20, the national online retail sales have exceeded 510 billion yuan, and the National Express business volume has increased by more than 30% on average.

As the Spring Festival is approaching, EMS, Shunfeng, Jingdong Logistics, Zhongtong, Yuantong, Shentong, Yunda, Baishi, Debang and Jitu express companies have announced that they will not close for the Spring Festival. They also guarantee the network, transportation capacity, personnel and customer service. At the same time, they also provide incentive policies and welfare for the left behind employees to ensure the smooth delivery channel and service quality stable.

In order to do a good job in the service guarantee of the people’s on-the-spot Spring Festival, the State Post Office recently issued a notice, requiring the whole system and industry to unify their thinking and understanding, based on “ensuring epidemic prevention and control” and “ensuring the basic people’s livelihood”, carefully and scientifically study and judge the security situation and delivery service demand of the region and network during the Spring Festival, and accurately organize the delivery service guarantee work during the Spring Festival, so as to spend the Spring Festival for the people In the happy, peaceful, healthy and safe Spring Festival, we should do a good job in the “six stabilities” work, implement the “six guarantees” task, comprehensively promote consumption and smooth economic cycle, and contribute to the strength of the industry.

National Post Office: in 2016, China’s express business revenue reached 400.5 billion yuan. National Post Office: it is estimated that China’s express business volume will increase by 20% in 2019. National Post Office: in 2016, the per capita use of express nearly 23 pieces. National Post Office: in August 2017, the business volume of national express service enterprises completed 3.26 billion pieces. National Post Office: from January to November 2020, China’s express business accumulated to 74.1 billion pieces A year-on-year growth of 30.5% state post office: on October 18, 2020, China’s express business volume exceeded 60 billion pieces. State Post Office: in September 2020, China’s express business volume exceeded 50 billion pieces. State Post Office: by December 2020, China’s express business exceeded 80 billion pieces. State Post Office: in the first half of 2017, the accumulated revenue of express business reached 218.12 billion yuan Year on year growth of 27.2% national post office: in 2017 Q1, China’s express business revenue was 98.46 billion yuan National Post Office: in 2019, China’s express business volume was more than 63 billion pieces National Post Office: it is expected that China’s express business will exceed 80 billion pieces in 2020 National Post Office: in November 2019, China’s express development index will be 230.2, a year-on-year increase of 25.3% national post office: in the first half of 2019, China’s express business volume will reach 27.76 billion pieces Year on year growth of 25.7% state post office: China Express development index in September 2019 is 222.4, up 23.7% year on year

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