UAV is expected to occupy 30% of express market in 2040 From L.E.K.

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According to a research report released by l.e.k. consulting on Monday, as unmanned technology and network scale greatly reduce costs, UAVs may account for 30% of package delivery on that day by 2040. The exact market share will depend on how transport operators configure their networks and the relative cost of transporting goods by road, the report said.

UAVs are unlikely to replace traditional truck transportation, but they are added to the existing logistics system to avoid congestion.

While considering the use of unmanned aerial vehicles for human and freight transport, the freight transport with remote pilot or autopilot technology has attracted the attention of the world’s largest companies.

50. E.K. said the advantage of UAVs is that they can take off and land vertically and need less space than airplanes or helicopters. In a country like Australia, the scale of the industry may reach billions of dollars. But there are still obstacles, including building enough scale to make it more cost-effective than taxis or vans, and allowing communities to accept UAVs flying over cities and homes.

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