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According to the data of sensor tower store intelligence platform, as of December 15, 2020, the total revenue of app store and Google play, the top ten entertainment applications with global user spending, reached US $5.82 billion, up 61.8% year on year. The top 10 entertainment apps in terms of download volume received a total of 2.46 billion downloads, an increase of 22.5% over the same period last year. See below for a detailed list.

Note: sensor tower download data only counts the first installation of app store or Google play account. Multiple installations of the same account on different or the same device do not count repeatedly. The revenue estimate does not include the revenue generated by in app advertising, online car booking, meal ordering, online shopping and other third-party payment channels. The data also does not include the third-party Android Market in China and other regions.

In terms of user spending, jitter and TikTok replaced Netflix tiktok with $1 billion 260 million in revenue, which has won 590% of the world’s entertainment applications revenue championship. 88.3% of the revenue comes from tiktok iOS, and TikTok users in the US and Turkey contribute 6.5% and 1.4% of their revenues respectively.

YouTube ranked second in the list with a revenue of US $940 million, up 63.8% year on year; the top five other three apps on the list were Tencent video, Disney + and iqiyi.

In terms of regions, Chinese IOS users spent $2.81 billion on the top 10 entertainment applications, accounting for 49.3%. Users in the United States and Japan ranked second and third, accounting for 27.4% and 2.6% respectively.

From the perspective of platform distribution, Apple App Store contributed most of the revenue, accounting for 90.5%; Google play only accounted for 9.5%.

Tiktok and TikTok downloaded the world’s entertainment app download list for the 960 million time. The top three download markets were India, Brazil and the United States, accounting for 16.9%, 9.2% and 8.2% respectively. Netflix and Youtube ranked second and third, respectively.

Regionally, India contributed 450 million downloads, accounting for 18.4%; the United States and Brazil ranked second and third, accounting for 11.3% and 9% respectively.

27.6% of the downloads came from Apple’s app store. More reading: Flurry: focus on media and entertainment applications to boost the rapid growth of Xiaomi sensor tower: Top 10 sensor tower of global popular mobile app revenue in March 2020: Top 10 sensor tower of global popular mobile app download in November 2020: Top 10 sensor tower of global popular mobile app revenue in November 2020: 15% of U.S. iPhone users have installed custom IOS 14 application of home screen widget sensor tower: the number of downloads of global mobile application publishers in September 2020 top 10 sensor tower: the global application revenue in Q3 will increase to more than US $29 billion in 2020, with a year-on-year growth of 32% sensor tower: the global popular mobile application revenue in August 2020 top 10 sensor tower: the number of downloads of health and fitness applications in Q2 will increase by 47% sensor tower in 2020 Tower:2020 April global popular educational application downloads TOP10Sensor Tower:2020 April April mobile app TOP10Sensor Q1 Q1 global mobile app download surge, 52%Sensor Tower:2020 first quarter download mobile app data traffic increased 52% Sensor Tower: tiktok and overseas version of global download download exceeded the total of Sensor Tower: Top 10 global mobile app revenue in March 2020

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