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App store rejects nearly 1 million new apps in 2020 From Apple

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Apple said on Tuesday that it rejected nearly one million apps submitted to the app store for the first time in 2020. Apple’s move is in response to reviews, including the Epic Games lawsuit and regulatory concerns from lawmakers, and is the latest sign that the company has become more transparent about how to approve and reject iPhone apps.

Apple said it has set up a system to approve 1.8 million apps and their updates in the app store and review them according to a series of rules, so as to protect iPhone users from fraud and avoid malware and poor user experience.

In terms of how Apple rejected apps in 2020, the company provided a series of data as follows:

– rejected nearly 1 million applications submitted for the first time;

– rejected nearly 1 million app updates;

– 48000 apps have been deleted due to the use of “hidden or unreported features”, which are usually internal software tools for Apple’s own apps;

– 150000 apps were deleted because they involved spam or copied another app;

– 215000 apps were deleted because they collected too much user data or had other privacy violations;

– 95000 apps have been taken off shelves due to fraud, usually because they have changed into another app, including gambling apps or pornographic apps, after being censored by Apple;

Apple canceled 470, 000 accounts from its developer programs on fraud grounds.

In addition, apple said it rejected the installation of 3.2 million apps using corporate certificates last month, a way to circumvent app store rules by using tools used by large companies to install internal apps on commercial iPhones.

The disclosure comes as Epic Games, the developer of Epic Games, is trying to force apple to allow it to offer its own iPhone app store, bypassing the 30% in app purchase fee in the app store. Epic’s lawyer argued that Apple’s app store is a “walled garden” that hinders software developers from competing with it, and that Apple’s rules are uneven when applied to different developers.

Epic also said that Apple’s process is not perfect, sometimes allowing malware to be put on the app store, and pointed out that Apple’s own employees sometimes say that its process is not good enough to prevent fraud. During the trial, epic questioned Tristan kosmynka, the head of Apple’s app Review Division, and made him admit that apple did make mistakes in some apps it approved or rejected.

Apple showed a slide in the court trial, showing that between 2017 and 2019, the company used a combination of 500 manual auditors and automatic checks to review about 5 million apps (including app updates) every year, with rejection rates ranging from 33% to 36%. Apple employees argued in court that the number of mistakes made by the company was negligible compared to the size of its app store.

Apple has always said that the app store is an integral part of its business, saying it is the only way for consumers to install software on their iPhones. A lawyer for the company argued last week that allowing users to install software from outside the app store, like Android, is a security risk, and that Apple does not want to adopt the Android model.

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