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The sudden “new crown” epidemic at the beginning of the year has become an unexpected “black swan” after the new year. Although it disrupts the development pace of all walks of life, it also promotes the new development of the mobile industry.

In 2020, the use of mobile devices is on the rise, and the growth of user groups brings about the increasing number of applications in the market. The mobile application market in 2020 presents a dynamic scene.

However, the epidemic situation at the beginning of the year has made online education, telecommuting, Internet health care, fresh food retail and other businesses a new wind in the 2020 industry, which has obtained unprecedented development opportunities. However, from the application data of IOS in China in 2020, those new outlets with rapid growth at the beginning of the year all appear to be “lack of Stamina”, so that the overall situation in 2020 is still in the situation of being separated and dominated by various powers.

Annual Top 100

1. Strong performance of short video application

Throughout the tiktok data in 2020, short video App shows strong performance. Except for the use of jitter in the most popular applications of the year, the Kwai TSE also successfully grabbed Top7’s position.

Tiktok and Kwai’s products are powerful advantages, of course, because the current market scale is expanding and users’ habits are being developed. Relevant data show that China’s short video users exceeded 800 million last year, and the market scale reached 130.24 billion yuan. Short video application is to replace the comprehensive video, and become the application category with the most daily use time per user.

2. Comprehensive video entertainment applications are still the main attraction

In the top 20 list of popular applications in 2020, 35% are entertainment apps, accounting for the largest proportion. These apps are common choices for people to watch comprehensive videos. Although the scale of short video market continues to expand, it is obvious that comprehensive video is still the main force to attract money.

3. The gold absorbing ability of tool application needs to be strengthened

Throughout the top 20 list of popular applications in 2020, there is only one tool app, the king camp, which ranks in the top 20. And this application can achieve such results, largely relying on the game king glory that large user groups.

Top 100 annual downloads of popular apps

Shopping applications are the main force

Nowadays, our daily life has been inseparable from online shopping, both electronic products and daily necessities can be purchased from the Internet, which also makes the shopping app one of the most popular apps.

Among them, many of them are brilliant, and they can beat WeChat and jitter to become the most tiktok applications in 2020. In addition, Taobao special edition, which ranked top 6 in the annual app download list, also performed well. Relevant data showed that Taobao special edition had 43.72 million monthly live users in the third quarter alone, making it a strong competitor of pinduoduo.

2. Gaode map beat Baidu map

There are many navigation applications on the market, including Baidu map and Gaode map. In the past, we couldn’t tell which navigation app was the most popular among users. Now according to the annual download list, Gaode map (top18) beat Baidu map (top76) and became the favorite of IOS users in China in 2020.

3. Online office has been internalized into the internal management of enterprises

From the results of nailing in the top 7 of the list and enterprise wechat in the top 20 of the list, the mobile office field has always been in a high consolidation state after the explosive growth in February. Although the growth rate of online office products such as zoom and Tencent conference has slowed down, the habit of users has been gradually formed, and the demand for online office has been gradually internalized into the internal management of enterprises.

Top 20 of annual application manufacturers

In the 2020 annual list of application manufacturers, Tencent firmly takes the first place with its outstanding performance in a number of applications. From the perspective of Tencent’s applications, Tencent video, QQ music, QQ, Xinyue club, wangzhe camp and other applications are all outstanding in their respective segmentation fields. Therefore, even if the game’s gold bonus is removed, Tencent is still the gold overlord of domestic application products.

And tiktok tiktok tiktok is following the Tencent’s strong byte of short video application matrix (jitter, jitter, volcano, watermelon video, and voice speed version).

Top 20 downloads per year

In the 2020 application developer download list, Tencent firmly occupies the top 1 position with the strong performance of wechat, QQ, Tencent video and many other apps in their respective sub domains.

Basically, for having heard it many times, the list of Top20 is Kwai Tong, such as Alibaba, Baidu, byte beating, NetEase, fast hand and so on. Perhaps the most unfamiliar one is the “Traffic Management Research Institute of the Ministry of public security” at the top 15 of the list, but when it comes to its product traffic management 12123, I believe that the car owners will know it very well.

The following is a list of breakdown areas

Top 5 entertainment applications

It seems that the top 5 popular entertainment applications in 2020 are all expected results, but in fact, it is quite dangerous for BiliBili to be in the top 5. According to cicada master’s monthly index, since July 2020, Xinyue club has been pressing BiliBili behind for six consecutive months, and its momentum is hard to stop.

Top 5 for efficiency applications

Among the efficiency products, Baidu network disk, WPS office and scanning all-around king have strong performance, and will be ranked in the top 3 of efficiency application in 2020.

Top 5 for books

Among the book products, Himalaya completed the annual list. According to the data of cicada master, Himalaya has been officially recommended by app store for 68 times in 2020, and the official recognition from Apple has also made Himalaya achieve excellent results in 2020.

Top 5 for life applications

Compared with other categories, the annual Top 5 list of popular life applications shows the momentum of a hundred flowers blooming and a hundred schools of thought contending. Among the top five products, the categories of their applications in life are different, with entertainment oriented and tool oriented.

Top 5 for camera and video applications

Tiktok tiktok tiktok Kwai is the leader of the short video industry. The fast track is followed by the jitter of the quiver, and the volcano is third. Nowadays, with the advantages of light weight, fast running speed and online earning mode, more and more short video platforms will choose to launch speed version to build product matrix.

Top 5 social applications

According to master cicada’s annual report, the number of users in the social field will reach 1.02 billion in 2020, and the number of active users will reach a new high. Among them, the head application kept a small fluctuation as a whole, and the sound users showed a significant growth trend again, becoming the new king of social networking, and standing firmly in the top five of the social networking list.

Top 5 downloads of educational applications

Under the epidemic situation, online education has become one of the hot spots in the industry. But with the epidemic under control and students returning to school, ape counseling, which performed strongly in the first few months of 2020, failed to reach the top 5 of the list. Compared with online education, learning power, with its strong “background” advantage, will become the education app with the highest download volume in 2020.

Top 5 downloads of food apps

Judging from the performance of various fields, although the top applications are old face holes, it fully shows that if you want to become the most attractive application in the industry, you must be patient to accumulate a large number of word-of-mouth and users.

Master cicada’s 2020 application list aims to provide a place for developers to clearly understand the changes of domestic mobile application market, and let them more clearly touch the current domestic application market.

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