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China’s top mobile applications in February 2021 From Qimai data

The following is the China’s top mobile applications in February 2021 From Qimai data recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Mobile applications.

Recently, Qimai data released the list of popular apps in February, including app download list and app revenue list.

The popular application download list shows that WeChat has topped the list of downloads tiktok with the download level of 660w+; the “vibrato” has risen to second in a ranking; the number of new applications in February has decreased by 3 compared with last month, with only 4 entries. And these four new applications are all from byte beating, namely “tomato novel”, “today’s headline speed edition”, “tomato listening” and “watermelon video”.

From the perspective of developers, “byte beating system” applications are far ahead, with a total of 7 applications on the list, followed by Alibaba and Tencent, with 3 applications on the list respectively. Among the applications on the list, photography and video applications are the most, with a total of 6 types on the list; social applications have 4 types on the list. The tiktok application shows that the five tiktok and QQ music apps continue to dominate the list, and the “shake” is the top of the list of revenue with the estimated revenue of 4200w+. The ranking of BOSS direct placement is up 10 places, ranking eighth in the popular application revenue list.

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