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It is estimated that Apple users’ non Game App spending will reach $86 billion in 2024, exceeding the game spending From Sensor Tower

The following is the It is estimated that Apple users’ non Game App spending will reach $86 billion in 2024, exceeding the game spending From Sensor Tower recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Mobile Internet, Mobile applications.

According to reports, sensor tower released a report on Monday that Apple customers will invest more money in non game mobile apps in the future, because confinement has become a new way of life. In addition to games, users will also look for service apps.

In 2020, consumers will spend twice as much on mobile games as on non game apps, but by 2024, everything will change. By then, non Game App spending will reach US $86 billion and Game App spending will reach US $73 billion. That is to say, on the app store platform, non Game App spending will exceed Game App spending for the first time. The gap between the two will be further widened in 2025, when the non Game App spending will increase to $107 billion and the Game App spending will increase to $78 billion.

When health is threatened, users are forced to stay at home, and the download volume of business, education, health and fitness apps increases rapidly. In the early days of the pandemic, users’ spending on mobile games increased. Later, the confinement was extended, the work and life style was subverted, and the way of communication was changed. Users’ attention turned to video sharing, dating, video conferencing, and instant messaging apps.

Last year, the share prices of zoom video communications, match group and other companies rose sharply, as did the share prices of some enterprises benefiting from home.

In addition, according to the prediction of sensor tower, in the next five years, the global mobile app annual expenditure will reach 270 billion US dollars, which is more than 1.5 times higher than that in 2020. Apple will be the biggest beneficiary. The global annual revenue of app store will reach 185 billion US dollars, and the annual revenue of Google play will increase to 85 billion US dollars.

By 2025, game revenue will account for 71% of Google play’s total revenue, while app store will only account for 42%. In the next five years, Europe will become an important market, and app revenue contributed by the region will grow rapidly, with a growth rate higher than that of Asia and North America.

In 2020, the number of APP downloads in Europe will be about 28.4 billion, and it will increase to 36.9 billion by 2025. The annual revenue will more than double and reach US $42 billion in the next five years.

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