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It is estimated that the number of apple news + subscribers may reach 19 million in 2023 From Cowen

The following is the It is estimated that the number of apple news + subscribers may reach 19 million in 2023 From Cowen recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: News portal, Mobile applications.

Cowen, an investment bank, believes that apple news + is an important pillar of Apple’s service development, and predicts that by 2023, apple news + will have 19 million paying users. In a note to investors, Krish Sankar, chief analyst at Cowen, predicted that Apple’s news + revenue could grow to $2.2 billion by 2023, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 31%.

“We believe Apple’s news app and news + paid subscription service (news platform) are well prepared to benefit not only from the increase of incremental users, but also from the accelerated growth of advertising revenue,” Sankar wrote.

He believes that apple news + can be supported by improving the advertising platform and getting rid of the identifier for advertisers tracking tag used on mobile devices after publishing app tracking transparently. Sankar added that the privacy feature could be a “subversive event,” providing a level playing field for advertising networks in the IOS ecosystem.

The analyst added that Apple’s advertising business could be on an encouraging track due to the maturity of Apple’s search advertising (ASA) on the app store. Apple’s use of ASA and recent changes to IDFA may accelerate apple news’s advertising revenue in the next few years.

Cowen is now simulating a 36% increase in Apple’s News advertising revenue over the next three years, up from 30% in the previous three years.

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