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Less than 1% of rejected developers will appeal to the app store From Apple Insider

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At a recent court hearing, trystan kosmynka, who is in charge of Apple’s App Store app review process, disclosed details of their work. First of all, most rejected apps are not attractive enough, and usually these developers will give up. Secondly, if there is a complaint, it can be strongly supported in most cases.

Apple insider pointed out that trystan kosmynka mainly talked about possible bugs in the application audit process. But in fact, less than 1% of the rejected developers complain about these mistakes.

But if developers insist on appealing, their claims can also be strongly supported. Trystan kosmynka added: “I think the number of errors is only a small part of the effectiveness of the entire application audit process.”.

It is reported that in June 2020, Apple introduced new rules that allow developers to more easily appeal against app reviews. However, the improvement at that time was mainly due to make complaints about Hey, a popular email application developed by Baecamp Tucao.

Initially, apple approved an update to Hey’s app because of its early focus on free experience. But after the introduction of the paid subscription option, apple said it violated the app store’s internal purchase policy and took it off the shelves.

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