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Tiktok global downloads exceeded 58 million in March 2021 From Sensor Tower

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According to the data released by sensor tower, tiktok ranked first in the global mobile application downloads in the first quarter of 2021, with more than 58 million downloads in March. Currently, tiktok has more than 100 million monthly active users in the United States alone. With the popularity of tiktok all over the world, the Chinese cultural elements carried by short videos have also crossed the language barrier and gained more and more attention.

By searching “China” on tiktok, we have watched more than 13 billion videos on related topics. China’s traditional crafts, folk culture, food culture, customs, national treasure panda and other short video content. Red Li Ziqi, the most popular Internet on youtube, began to release his works in tiktok in October 2019. Currently, she has more than 2 million fans on tiktok and has received more than 15 million likes.

In addition, “Hanfu” is also an epitome of the popularity of Chinese culture on tiktok, and the total number of related topics has exceeded 300 million. These videos cover Hanfu street photography, martial arts style, finger dance and other subjects.

Among them, Xi’an Datang Furong garden’s “tumbler little sister” was on tiktok. This video was watched more than 3.2 million times and praised 400000 times. There are more than 1500 messages in the comment area, including English, Korean, Vietnamese, Arabic and other languages.

NetEase technology tiktok: Sensor Tower:2020 June TikTok downloads are still the world’s first Sensor Tower:2019 Q1 TikTok downloads of 33 million Sensor Tower:TikTok (overseas version of voice), download at mobile terminals exceeded 1 billion Sensor Tower:2020 November, global tiktok should be ranked first in revenue list and in the first place. Tower: as of November 2019, the TikTok global downloads exceeded 1 billion 500 million Sensor. In August Tower:2020 ranked the top in mobile app revenues in the world, Sensor in Tower:2020, the world’s most popular entertainment application TOP10 tiktok won the champion Sensor Tower:2020 year Q3 global application revenue increased to about 29000000000 US dollars, up by the year, and the global application expenditure reached 407 million US dollars. The tiktok growth of 35%TikTok, the US monthly living user 100 million, the global downloading volume is about 2 billion Sensor Tower:2019 Q1 TikTok revenue grew year by year 222%Sensor Tower:2020 year August, the jitter and TikTok global income exceeded 88 million 100 thousand US dollars, 6.3 times last August. Sensor Tower:2020 year October, the global popular mobile games should be used (non gaming) revenue, the tiktok income reached 115 million US dollars. Tower: top list of mobile apps in September 2020 tiktok still leads sensor tower in global downloads of mobile games in July 2020

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