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In 2020, when the global demand for online entertainment is booming, video editing applications have also achieved rapid growth. According to the data of sensor tower store intelligence platform, as of December 15, 2020, the total revenue of the top ten video editing applications in the app store and Google play reached $377 million, up 41.7% year on year. The top ten video editing applications in terms of download volume received a total of 966 million downloads, an increase of 31.4% over the same period last year. See below for a detailed list.

Note: sensor tower download data only counts the first installation of app store or Google play account, and does not repeat statistics for multiple installation of the same account in different or the same device. Revenue estimates do not include in app advertising, or online car hailing, ordering, online shopping and other revenue generated through third-party payment channels. The data also does not include third-party Android markets in China and other regions.

In terms of user spending, picsart, an American manufacturer, ranked first with more than $78 million in in app purchase revenue. The top three apps on the list are vsco and canva. Vivavideo stands out among many European and American manufacturers and ranks among the top five.

Regionally, U.S. users spent $163 million on the top ten video editing applications, accounting for 43.4%. The revenue from domestic app purchase in China ranked second, accounting for 6.1%; the UK market ranked third, accounting for 4.6%.

From the perspective of platform distribution, Apple App Store contributed most of the revenue, accounting for 83.4%; Google play only accounted for 16.6%.

Picsart topped the list with more than 190 million downloads, followed by Hangzhou yingxiao inshot and South Korean publisher kinemaster.

Up to two of its applications are filmshow and filmmaker, respectively. The other two applications are byte skipping capcut and shadow vivavideo.

Regionally, India contributed nearly 200 million downloads, accounting for 20.6%; Indonesia and Brazil ranked second and third, accounting for 10% and 7.7% respectively.

In terms of platforms, 76.7% of the downloads came from Google play and 23.3% from Apple App store. More reading: Sensor Tower: top list of mobile apps in September 2020 tiktok’s global downloads are still ahead of the seven main navigation modes in mobile UI design Top 10 Cisco: global mobile data traffic forecast to reach 75 billion GB in 2015 picbeauty: 20 days of download exceeded 1.3 million, 3 million investment AVG: Top 10 most destructive Android Software Sensor Tower: global mobile game download list sensor in July 2020 Top 10 mobile application downloads in September 2020 top 10 mobile application downloads in September 2020 top 10 mobile application revenue in September 2020 Tower: Top 10 mobile app downloads in November 2020

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