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Top apps in March 2021 From Qimai data

The following is the Top apps in March 2021 From Qimai data recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Mobile applications.

Recently, Qimai data released the list of popular apps in March, including app download list and app revenue list.

According to the popular app download list, “wechat” topped the download list with 740W +; the “Taobao special edition” enjoyed great popularity in March, with seven consecutive hits on the app The top 1 of the free app list is “store”, which ranks second in the download list; the third is “personal income tax”. With the launch of “comprehensive income annual settlement in 2020”, it has been ranked first in the free app list for 12 consecutive days since March 1.

From the perspective of developers, “Ali series” applications take the lead, with a total of 6 applications on the list, followed by Tencent, with a total of 4 applications on the list. Among the apps on the list, shopping apps are the most, with a total of 5 apps on the list; photography and video apps have 4 apps on the list.

The popular application revenue list shows that “tremble” is the top income list with 5500w+’s estimated revenue; Tencent video tiktok and Iqiyi are ranked Top2 and Top3 respectively.

In the list of popular app revenue in March, only one new app named “fan dengdu Du Shu” came into the list, one less than that in February. In terms of the types of apps on the list, social apps are still the top 30 in the list, with a total of 8 apps on the list, followed by entertainment apps, with a total of 7 apps on the list.

In terms of application manufacturers, Tencent is still the only application company, and continues to lead the list of application revenue, with a total of 8 applications on the list.

Overall, on sale of 5 Shopping applications, they are on the rise in the March popular application download list Top30. The shopping applications of the “Taobao special edition” and “tiktok” and other main shopping markets are most obvious. In the application list, the 5 types of “tremble”, “QQ music” and “Ai you Teng” have the most powerful gold absorption ability, and the Top5 pattern is relatively stable. Read more: Qimai data: January 2021 popular app ranking Tencent app Bao: August 2014 popular app ranking Qimai data: June 2019 app store promotion summary report Qimai data: January 2019 app store promotion summary report Qimai data: February 2021 China popular mobile app ranking Qimai data: 2018 app Store big data half year inventory (with download) Qimai data: 2018 maternal and child app industry analysis report Qimai data: January 2018 live answer app data report Tencent app Bao: July 2014 popular app list Qimai data: September 2020 app store promotion summary report Qimai data: August 2020 app store promotion summary report Qimai data: October 2018 app Store big data Qimai data: 2018 short video app industry analysis report Qimai data: 2018 Q1 mobile game industry trend insight report (with download) Qimai data: 2018 mobile internet promotion practitioners survival status survey

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