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Top mobile apps in March 2021 From Master cicada

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The competition in the mobile application market in March is still fierce. From the number of new applications, the top three new applications in March were entertainment, tools and reference applications, with 1144, 1131 and 921 new applications respectively. The top 10 new applications are as follows:

The three segments of life, tools and photography and video are just needed by users, with a total number of downloads reaching 88.99 million, 88.76 million and 78.31 million respectively. The top 10 areas of total downloads are as follows:

In terms of revenue, entertainment, photography and video, and social networking are still the three main directions for users to spend money happily. The revenue of entertainment applications exceeded $96.31 million in March. The top 10 revenue segments are:

Next, we will start from two dimensions of download and revenue to see the ranking of popular apps in national app store in March.

Among the top 30 app stores in terms of monthly downloads and revenue estimates, the distribution of their enterprises and the ecological competition in the mobile application market are obvious, with Tencent, Alibaba and bytechop having several subordinate apps shortlisted respectively. In the list of downloads, Tencent has super traffic products in the fields of social networking, entertainment and music, while Taobao special edition, mobile Taobao and Xianyu help Ali take the first place in the shopping field. In the revenue list, Tencent is in full bloom, with a total of 8 products shortlisted in the top 30 of the revenue list, involving entertainment, social networking, music and tools.

Top 30 popular app downloads in March

In March, wechat ranked the top of the list with more than 5.91 million downloads per month. Pinduoduo ranked the second place with more than 5.71 million downloads per month. Taobao special edition performed well with 38 downloads per month and took the third place in the list. The tiktok dropped to the top three, ranking fourth, with more than 5 million 260 thousand downloads per month and 169 thousand and 700 daily downloads, slightly down compared with last month.

There is only one new app in this month’s list, which is the “national anti fraud center”. This app developed by the Criminal Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of public security has been on the shelves since March 10. It has dominated the app store’s tool (free) list for several consecutive days, and from time to time topped the list. For more details, you can click to read “overnight soaring 7000 + popularity, how strong is this app recommended by the state?”? 》。

The “state-owned brand” also performs well in the “individual income tax” developed by the State Administration of Taxation, ranking 108 places higher than last month, ranking 8 in the download list, which is the fastest growing application in the top 200 download lists.

“Top widgets” also made a good performance in this list, climbing 81 places to No. 15 in the list of popular downloads.

From the perspective of application manufacturers, Tencent and Alibaba are equally matched, with 5 apps on the list, and all of them are super traffic apps.

In terms of the application segments, shopping applications are the most popular, with 6 categories included in the list, namely pinduoduo, Taobao special edition, dewu, mobile Taobao, Jingdong and Xianyu; social networking and photography are the second, with 4 categories included in each category.

Lengthen the list. In the top 200 list of national mobile application download list in March, there are 36 new applications on the list, few new applications, and the new entrants are more mature applications with years of precipitation. The new applications are national anti fraud Center (16), Ali cloud disk (67), learning pass (93), learning letter network (104), driving school one point (111), Guangdong Miao (113), etc., check the complete list of the official account of the cicada master, or pay attention to the public number reply to the “March list”.

Top 30 of top app revenue in March

In March, there was little change in the revenue of popular apps, and no one could shake the gold absorption ability of all kinds of long and short video and social apps.

There is no new face in the top 30 list of APP revenue estimates. Jitter, Tencent video, tiktok and Iqiyi are firmly in the top three positions, earning 5 million 420 thousand dollars, 3 million 210 thousand US dollars and 2 million 510 thousand dollars respectively. WeChat ranked 8 higher than last month, and ranked the top thirty in the top thirty list, ranking twenty-third in the rankings, with an average daily income of 5.8W dollars.

From the perspective of application manufacturers, Tencent remains the dominant position, with a total of eight applications shortlisted, and the four major segments of entertainment, social networking, music and tools are in full bloom.

In the list of apps, social apps are the most popular, with a total of 8 shortlisted, including QQ, tantan, Weibo, soul, Zhihu, Momo, wechat and huiplay. Entertainment applications took the second place, with a total of 7 shortlisted, and Book Applications ranked third, with a total of 4 shortlisted. In addition to the strong social and entertainment needs, the willingness of Internet users to pay for knowledge cannot be underestimated.

Compared with the download list, the number of new applications on the top 200 of the revenue list is significantly less, with only 14. They are notability (55), swagie (139), recording to text assistant (166), magic ring Sanxiao (170), Netease red color (172), the most beautiful certificate photo (177), Diantao (178), Tencent classroom (181), cicada mother (188), wantiku (191), tape recorder (192), lightleap (193), Zhilian recruitment (194), tomato camera (198), etc. Read more: Qimai data: February 2021 China’s top mobile apps list April 8-april 14, 2013 free app list: Fruit Ninja No.1 distimo: March 2014 global app list app Annie: November 2013 mobile platform app download and revenue list Mobile app ranking in woindex in September 2017 woindex: mobile app ranking in January 2019 woindex: mobile app ranking in November 2015 appdate: IOS and Android App ranking from April 28 to May 4, 2013 sensor tower: global mobile app ranking in November 2018 Apple: app ranking in 2013 candy crush Saga has 500 million downloads, leading vis ionMobile:Android Become the favorite platform for global mobile application developers sensor tower: global mobile application downloads increase by 52% in Q1 of 2020

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