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The following is the 2020 B station game area annual inventory “black myth Wukong” is the most popular, the original God is the most popular From Bilibili recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Game console, Mobile games.

Today (January 8) BiliBili website announced the inventory of game areas in 2020. In the past year, the game area has received more than 24 million videos, totaling more than 5 million hours, officials said.

Through these video performances, they concluded that the most popular game of this year is “black Myth: Wukong”, the most popular game is “original God”, and the user’s favorite stand-alone game is “cyberpunk 2077”, etc.

Detailed inventory:

The most creative game is “glory of the king”

The most watched game is League of Heroes

The most searched games are League of Heroes

The most popular game is “black Myth: Wukong”

The most popular game is the original God

Users’ favorite single game is cyberpunk 2077

The user’s favorite online game is League of Heroes

The user’s favorite mobile game is “ark of tomorrow”

The most popular work of the year is “black Myth: Wukong” 13 minute demonstration “

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