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Although the mobile game market has entered a mature stage, and the solidification of the top list is becoming more and more obvious, there is evidence that the playing methods in the industry are becoming more and more diversified, especially among new products, and the breakthrough through innovation is still worthy of attention.

According to the latest report released by sensor tower, in terms of installation volume, super leisure games are leading the world by absolute advantage, with a year-on-year growth of 123% in download volume. Simulation games have also been successful in India and Brazil. After 92% growth in 2020, it is expected to make a greater breakthrough in 2021.

However, in terms of revenue, RPG is still the category with the highest domestic purchase revenue in the world, with consumer consumption reaching US $18.7 billion in 2020, mainly contributed by the Asian market represented by China, Japan and South Korea. It is worth noting that the RPG category is the most attractive category in 2019, and the year-on-year growth rate in 2020 will even reach 26%.

In this report, sensor tower also lists the 2020 mobile game download and revenue lists of different categories and markets in the world, and analyzes the game playing methods, visual style and other trends.

The following is the sensor tower 2020 annual report compiled by gamelook:

Mobile game revenue list in 2020

According to the income list of various categories, the domestic counterparts are still good at medium and heavy games. Five games, including peace elite, glory of the king, awakening of all nations, chronicles of the Three Kingdoms · strategic edition and sword and expedition, have entered the top 10 of the moderate game income list in 2020. It’s no exaggeration to say that they are domestic mobile game masters.

It is worth noting that in terms of chess, cards and leisure games, none of the domestic peers has entered the list. Only “QQ express” is the only domestic sports and racing game that has entered the top 10 of global revenue.

2020 global mobile game revenue list:

Chess and card games: gold master, slotomania, bingo blitz, jackpot party, doubledown, Cashman casino, cash frenzy, houuge casino slots, lightning link and house of fun.

Leisure games: Pokemon go, roblox, candy legend, dream garden, dream home, fight dragon walk, toon blast, dream aquarium, candy soda legend and dream town.

Moderate Games: pubg mobile (including peace elites), glory of the king, monster marbles, awakening of nations, FGO, chronicles of the Three Kingdoms · strategic edition, Paradise m, sword and expedition, free fire and Paradise 2m.

Sports and speed: Soul of professional baseball a, efootball, golf clash, QQ flying car, power pros, go kart, 8 ball pool, fishing clash, FIFA Football and slam dunk master.

Mobile game revenue of the United States in 2020

Chess and card games: gold master, slotomania, bingo blitz, jackpot party, doubledown, Cashman casino, cash frenzy, house of fun, heart of Vegas and world series of pokers.

Leisure games: roblox, candy legend, Pokemon go, dream garden, dream home, ton blast, candy soda legend, dream aquarium, merge dragons and dream town.

Moderate Games: tribal conflict, pubg mobile, codm, marvel strike force, marvel championship, Dragon Ball Z, fortress night and Star Trek fleet commander.

Sports and racing: Golf clash, CSR Racing 2, MLB tap sports baseline, 8 ball pool, fishing clash, golf rival, Mario racing, Madden NFL 21, MLB 9 innings 21 and FIFA Football.

European mobile game revenue in 2020

Chess and card games: gold master, slotomania, houuge casino slots, Zynga poker, slotpark, bingo blitz, billionaire casino, poker atrix, cash frenzy and governor of Poker 3.

Leisure games: Dream Garden, Pokemon go, roblox, candy legend, dream home, dream aquarium, candy soda legend, dream town, Klondike adventures and ton blast.

Moderate Games: Wild fight, pubg mobile, tribal conflict, state of survival, Empire and riddle, awakening of nations, king of Avalon, era of Kingdom, era of muskets and war of heroes.

Sports and racing: Fishing clash, FIFA Football, 8 ball pool, top eleven 2021, golf clash, CSR Racing 2, Mario racing, tennis clash, top drives and F1 manager.

RPG and strategy games account for 50% of the total revenue of mobile games

From the perspective of game categories, the revenue of all categories has increased. The five categories with the largest market scale are RPG, strategy, puzzle solving, chess and card and shooting hand games.

In 2020, RPG and strategy games will still be the most expensive mobile games in the world, accounting for 50% of the total revenue of the top categories. The new game is the main driving force of revenue growth. The original God, released in September last year, became the eighth largest RPG category in revenue, attracting $560 million last year.

In 2020, the market scale of RPG category will reach 18.7 billion US dollars. In fact, RPG has been the highest revenue category of mobile game platform for many years, and the vast majority of its internal purchase revenue comes from Asian markets such as China, Japan and South Korea. At the same time, RPG is the category with the highest revenue in 2019, and maintains a year-on-year growth rate of 26% in 2020.

The revenue share of chess and card and shooting game categories continues to grow, accounting for 10% and 9% of the total revenue of mobile games respectively in 2020. Unlike RPG and strategy games, the revenue growth of these two kinds of games mainly comes from old games, such as “gold master” and “pubg mobile”. However, the new games also have excellent performance. For example, after the release of call of duty mobile game in September 2019, the cumulative revenue has exceeded $760 million.

Simulation games also ushered in a significant growth in 2020. In addition to the soaring popularity rate, simulation games are the category with the highest revenue growth rate in 2020, with a year-on-year growth rate of 56%.

In May 2020, chess and card games are the highest income category in the United States, and most of the growth is due to the contribution of head games, such as “gold coin master” and “Cashman casino”. It is worth noting that the growth of revenue of this category of games is consistent with the social isolation time brought by cowid-19, and the closure of physical chess and card venues makes more consumers use mobile games as an alternative.

The growth of RPG Games in East Asia market is very fast. By the end of 2020, there will be consumption peaks in Japan and South Korea. The kingdom of wind, released in July 2020, is the fastest-growing RPG mobile game in South Korea, earning US $137 million in the second half of the year alone.

Mobile game download list in 2020

Global mobile game download list

Chess and card games: gold master, slots (Golden hoyeah), lucky poker, lucky toss 3D, Zynga poker, junglee rummy, ten Patti gold, ten Patti by octro, slotomania and pop! Slots》。

Leisure games: strong US, Metro parkour, Hunter assassin, dream garden, brain hole master, Ludo king, tiles hop, dream home, roblox and candy legend.

Moderate Games: free fire, pubg mobile, sniper 3D, call of duty, wild fight, endless duel, real commando, cover strike, FPS commando and critical action.

Sports and racing: 8 ball pool, mountain racing, traffic rider, Street Racing 3D, racing in car 2, real bike racing, dream League, Mario racing and wild racing 8.

US mobile game download list:

Chess and card games: gold master, blackout bingo, lucky pusher, dice Royal, lucky day, cash frenzy, plinko master, coin dozer, world series of poker and fox bet super 6.

Leisure games: strong US, roblox, Metro parkour, brain test, magic tiles 3, dream aquarium, woodwturing, tangle Master 3D, dream garden and tiles hop.

Moderate Games: Call of duty, sniper 3D, fortress night, pubg mobile, state of survival, raid, Evony, free fire, tribal conflict and royal war.

Sports and racing: 8 ball pool, Mario racing, Madden NFL 21, wild racing 9, CSR Racing 2, rebel racing, NBA 2K, fishing clash, MLB tap sports and ultimate racing unlimited.

European mobile game download list

Chess and card games: gold master, Zynga poker, plinko master, poker games, huuge casino slots, cash frenzy, coin dozer, RA slots, world series of poker and slotomania.

Leisure games: strong US, dream garden, brain test, Metro parkour, roblox, brain hole master, woodturning, tiles hop, dream aquarium, and dream home.

Moderate Games: Wild fight, pubg mobile, sniper 3D, call of duty, state of survival, Royal war, free fire, tribal conflict, endless duel and underworld.

Sports and racing: head ball 2, 8 ball pool, traffic rider, mountain racing, Mario racing, dream League Soccer 2021, Street Racing 3D, fishing clash, traffic racer and tennis clash.

In terms of overall game penetration rate, super leisure games are the biggest winners in 2020. In the past year, super leisure games in the head have been downloaded 6.3 billion times, successfully surpassing the arcade category in terms of installation volume, becoming the first.

Simulated mobile game is another category that needs attention. Its top 100 games have a year-on-year growth of 92%, making it the fourth category in terms of download volume in 2020.

In the past four years, considering the rapid growth of market share, the rapid growth of super leisure games is hard to ignore. By 2020, super leisure games account for 31% of the total downloads of the top 1000 mobile games. Although the growth rate of arcade and puzzle games is not faster than that of leisure games, the download volume of arcade and puzzle games has also increased by 33% and 78% in 2020. Metro parkour is the king of arcade games, and “ang us” is the biggest dark horse of puzzle games.

Super leisure games and arcade games will become the most downloaded categories in many markets in the world in 2020. Among the emerging markets, India has the highest penetration rate of arcade games and super leisure games, bringing 1.3 billion and 1.1 billion downloads to the two categories respectively.

Brazil is one of the countries with the highest penetration rate of simulation games in 2020, and simulation games have become the third largest game download category in Brazil, second only to super leisure and arcade categories. Among the simulation games, Sandbox simulation is particularly popular in Brazil.

Painting style and playing method of the game:

2D cartoon is the most popular painting style in 2020. Art style is the presentation of mobile game aesthetics, especially the games that convey player experience by vision. In 2020, the four most popular art styles of mobile game downloads are 2D cartoon, super leisure, 3D realistic and 3D cartoon. Thanks to the success of super casual games in the past year, the simple and clean visual style of super casual games is very popular.

3D realism is the most popular painting style in medium games such as speed racing, RPG and shooting. For example, in shooting and speed racing games, 3D realism game products account for 77% and 65% of the downloads respectively.

A large proportion of the downloads of chess and cards, lifestyle and puzzle solving came from 2D cartoon vision products, accounting for 58%, 63% and 64% of the downloads of the three categories respectively.

From the perspective of camera, 2D cartoon and side view are the most used visual elements in the field of mobile games in 2020, but recent trends show that the situation is changing.

In 2020, games with isometric perspective style will lead by 27% in download volume, compared with 24% in 2019. Among the new games, the isometric perspective is particularly popular. For example, among the top 100 mobile games released in 2020, 69 have adopted the isometric perspective, most of which are super leisure and arcade categories.

Although the dominant position of the side view is challenged, it still accounts for 28% of the downloads of head games in 2020, while the top view and the third person view get the third and fourth place with a relatively low proportion, and mainly focus on arcade and puzzle game categories.

The combination of 2D cartoon style and side view contributed the most downloads. In 2020, it will be installed more than 5.4 billion times, accounting for 17% of the total downloads of the top 1000 games. The most representative is master of brain holes.

As mentioned above, isometric perspective is becoming more and more popular in super leisure games, which has brought 3.3 billion downloads, accounting for 11% of the total downloads of head mobile games in 2020.

Top 1000 downloads over the past four years

Super leisure games are the most popular theme of new products in 2020, mainly due to the success of super leisure games. The head super leisure theme game released in 2020 brought 1.6 billion downloads, while the theme only brought 800 million installations in 2019. “Join clash 3D” is a successful representative of the new products.

The development of art themed games can also predict the growth in 2021. For example, the number of downloads of art games released in 2020 will exceed 632 million, an increase of 97% over a year ago.

It is easy for super leisure theme games to reach the peak of download in 3-5 weeks after release. Based on the games released in 2020q2, the best marketing time for super leisure games is in the first 9 weeks, while for other games, it is in the first 4 weeks, because the download volume keeps a relatively high growth after the initial release.

Popular medium game themes, such as battle arenas, superheroes and military themes, are very popular in puzzle games, and will get more recognition in 2020. No one escape, released by lion studios, is the first game in puzzle solving category to adopt the theme of battle arena, with more than 14 million downloads.

In the puzzle game, matchman theme products will be downloaded more than 28 million times in 2020, achieving a year-on-year growth of 113%. For example, the new work “draw puzzle” released during the outbreak of covid-19 is the most important contributor to the growth, with more than 9 million downloads after its release.

The theme of sports fighting also appeared in the puzzle category for the first time in October 2020, and the representative work “Mr fight” was downloaded more than 6 million times within three months of its release.

As an explorer of cross category puzzle games, “top war” has obtained 22 million downloads in the first year of its release, which can not be ignored for developers, because it may open the door to innovation and unlock the untouched market potential.

After the outbreak of the game, the download volume of “strong US” soared by 6000% in September 2020. Before the outbreak, the game was downloaded only 3 million times a month.

With the success of the game, more and more space themed puzzles have appeared in the mobile game market, such as “impostor academy” and “murder us” released in October last year, which accounted for 91% of the downloads of space puzzles in the fourth quarter of 2020.

In 2020, the number of downloads of head fashion theme games ushered in a 109% year-on-year growth, reaching 991 million times. These games are most popular in Google play, with 84% coming from Android and only 16% from IOS. Crime and super leisure ranked second and third, up 69% and 66% respectively.

Super stylist is the most popular fashion themed game in 2020, with more than 46 million downloads, with Brazil accounting for 13%. In Brazil and India, the most popular games are the combination of fashion theme and cartoon vision. For example, “hair salon” has ushered in huge growth in the Indian market, which will grow by 314% in 2020.

Super leisure games and fashion themed games are growing rapidly in the United States. For example, in 2020, 20% of the downloads of “acrylic nails” released by Israel’s crazy labs came from the U.S. market.

Fashion themed games are expected to see more growth in 2021, with 280 million downloads in the fourth quarter of 2020. Recently released successful games show that there is still a lot of room for growth in this field. Although new games are an important driving force for the growth of download volume, the installation volume of existing old games has also increased by 76% year on year.

The growth of download shows that the fashion theme is moving away from 2D cartoon style and towards 3D cartoon and super leisure style. In the games released in the past two years, 3D cartoon style fashion theme games accounted for 38% of the downloads, while old games accounted for only 19%.

New fashion themed games with isometric and FPS perspectives are the most successful, accounting for 17% and 14% of downloads in 2020, respectively. In addition, new fashion themed games are gradually abandoning the side view, with the latter’s downloads down by 49%.

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