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China mobile game publishers’ global revenue ranking in April 2021 From Sensor Tower

The following is the China mobile game publishers’ global revenue ranking in April 2021 From Sensor Tower recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Mobile games.

According to the sensor tower store intelligence platform, in April 2021, China’s mobile game publishers ranked in the global app store and Google play revenue. In this issue, 39 Chinese manufacturers were shortlisted in the top 100 mobile game publishers’ revenue list, attracting nearly $2.28 billion, accounting for 39.5% of the global top 100 mobile game publishers’ revenue.

Special note: This report only counts the income of publishers, and does not include the third-party Android channels in China.

   Top 30 mobile game publishers in China

The revenue of warpath, a war themed SLG mobile game owned by Lilith, increased 62% on a month on month basis, attracting more than US $10 million in April. Driven by the game, Lilith’s revenue increased by 18% month on month, returning to the top 3 of China’s mobile game publisher revenue list, ranking eighth in the global publisher revenue list.

Thanks to the simultaneous development of multiple tracks in China and overseas markets, 37 mutual entertainment has set a new revenue record for two consecutive months. In the domestic market, the new tour “Douluo mainland: the awakening of martial spirit” ranked in the top ten of the best-selling list of iPhone mobile games most of the time in April; In Europe, the United States and Japan, puzzle & survival and Jiangshan beauty continue to maintain strong performance. Sanqi mutual entertainment, which has successfully laid out the global first-line market, has a revenue growth of 26% on the basis of March.

Both MoBa mobile Legends: Bang (endless duel) and RPG mobile Legends: Adventure (mobile Legends: Adventure) of Mucong technology ushered in a significant growth in revenue in this period, and the income of publishers increased by 38% on a month on month basis. With the approaching of 515 eparty and the return of Southeast Asia Championships in June, “endless duel”, which has already won the champion of Southeast Asian national mobile games, is expected to go further out of the circle with the blessing of overseas traffic.

In addition to completing the acquisition of Mucong technology and youaihuyu, the company also ushered in significant progress in product release in April. After the launch of “Voyager King’s hot blood route” on April 22, which was jointly launched by Chaoxi guangnian and China mobile travel, most of the time ranked the top 5 on the list of best-selling iPhone mobile travel in various countries and regions, with byte beating game revenue surging 133% month on month, ranking No. 22 on the list.

“One punch Superman: the strongest Man” of zhangqu technology landed in the Korean market in mid March, and quickly won the popularity of IP fans. It dominated the download list of Google play mobile games in Korea for 14 consecutive days, ranking in the top 10 of the best-selling list of mobile games. Driven by the game, the revenue of zhangqu technology increased by 42% month on month, returning to the 29th place on the list.

BiliBili launched the popular RPG mobile game “Guardian tales” in South Korea at the end of April. Four days after its launch, the game twice topped China’s iPhone mobile game download list, and BiliBili’s revenue increased 117% month on month, ranking 34th in China’s mobile game publisher’s revenue list.

Byte beat and BiliBili’s achievements in China’s mobile game market show the distribution and revenue generating potential of UGC content platform in medium and heavy mobile games. In the context of the top scale of domestic mobile game players, the advantages of such platforms will be further highlighted in the future.

In addition to the list, the top 100 mobile game publishers in China are hero mutual entertainment, six waves, chuangku interactive, bilibilibili, smart star, competitive world, Mengjia network, Tianyou network and Chinese online, with a total of 39 manufacturers.

Top 20 mobile game revenue of China app store

In the domestic market, a number of commercial products have been listed recently. “Miracle of the whole people 2” released by Tencent and “sailing King’s Blood Route” released by dawn and night light year respectively parachuted 14th and 15th on the list.

The thunder game Xiuxian mobile game “yinianxiaoyao”, which went on sale at the end of January, continued the excellent performance of the past two months and ranked No. 9 on the list. Xiuxian themed cultural and creative works have a huge user base in China. Yinian Xiaoyao skillfully integrates placement and play methods, and upgrades the game quality, so that the industry can see the market potential of this category.

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