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Cygames’s “jockey girl” drew $130 million in the first month of its launch From Sensor Tower

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According to the intelligence data of sensor tower store, the game attracted more than US $130 million in the first month of its launch, and won the list of mobile game revenue and downloads in Japan in the same period. It is the most successful new game launched in Japan in recent years.

In terms of revenue, “matchmaker” has greatly surpassed “monster marbles”, which has always been at the top of the best-selling list of Japanese mobile games. The latter has a revenue of nearly $61 million in the same period. In the first month of its launch, “matchmaker” retreated to No. 2 on the local iPhone mobile game bestseller list in only six days, and ranked No. 1 at other times; in Google play, it has been No. 1 since February 28. In the past 28 days, “the jockey” has absorbed an average of $4.64 million a day.

In terms of download volume, “matchmaker” has been downloaded nearly 2.15 million times, surpassing “strong US” (780000), and also ranking first in the local mobile game download list.

Based on the real story of the famous horse handed down from generation to generation and the promotion of equestrian spirit, the horse racing lady makes the game out of the circle quickly and establishes emotional fetters with the players. At the same time, the game integrates a variety of elements loved by Japanese players, including cultivation, idols and sports competition, thus successfully achieving a double harvest of popularity and income. Under this game framework, its long-term operating revenue is also worth looking forward to.

Thanks to the excellent market performance of the game, cygames’ revenue surged 268% on a month on month basis, making it the highest revenue mobile game manufacturer in Japan during the statistical period, with 68% of its revenue coming from “jockey girl”.

Original IP + second dimension become a new upsurge of overseas mobile travel?

Looking at the mobile game market outside China, “matchmaker” is the highest income game in the same period. The mobile terminal of MIHA Tour “Yuanshen” followed with us $122 million, making the top of the best-selling list of overseas mobile games dominated by two kinds of two-dimensional mobile games. It is worth noting that these two games are original IP works created by manufacturers.

In recent years, the appeal of classic IP theme competitors seems to be gradually weakened. Global players’ aesthetic is more diversified, and the pursuit of new themes also gives manufacturers more creative space. In this context, both the horse racing lady and the original God present the traditional culture in the form of two dimensions, which makes it easier for young players to accept and attract cross regional players to immerse themselves. More reading: cygames: in November 2020, the global sales volume of “blue fantasy versus” exceeded 450000 sensor tower: from January to October 2020, the revenue of U.S. strategic mobile game exceeded $2.8 billion sensor tower: the cumulative revenue of “survival of the Jedi” mobile game exceeded $5.1 billion sensor tower: in 2020, the revenue of U.S. puzzle solving mobile game reached $4.6 billion, a year-on-year increase of 30% sensor tower Top 10 of the world’s top mobile game revenue in February 2021 sensor tower: total revenue of Yuanshen’s mobile terminal reaches 874 million Sensor tower: Top 10 popular mobile game downloads in November 2020 top 10 sensor tower: Top 10 popular mobile game revenues in November 2020 top 10 sensor tower: global revenue ranking of China’s mobile game publishers in November 2020 sensor tower: 2.8 million black five shopping apps in the United States in 2020 Tower: since its global launch on September 28, the mobile terminal revenue of Yuanshen has reached nearly 400 million US dollars

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