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Five months after the release of Yuanshen, the global revenue is 874 million US dollars From Sensor Tower

The following is the Five months after the release of Yuanshen, the global revenue is 874 million US dollars From Sensor Tower recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Sensor Tower, Game console, Mobile games.

China made open World RPG “original God” in September 28, 2020 after the public test, in the world caused a boom. Recently, according to the sensor tower report, the micro transaction of the original God has brought about $874 million in revenue to MIHA tour.

Yuanshen has been a great success in the world, ranking third in terms of revenue on IOS and Google play, after Tencent’s “King’s glory” and “survival of the Jedi” mobile games. Tencent’s revenue from both games has exceeded $1 billion in the past five months.

The revenue of original God is 874 million US dollars, which is more than the revenue of classic mobile games such as fairy baokemeng go and roblox in the past five months. Original God has become the highest revenue RPG mobile game in the world. But this does not reflect the success of the original God, because the work also landed on the PS4 and PC platforms. And the above data are obtained by sensor tower statistics, and MIHA tour has not officially released the data.

Geographically, Yuanshen made the most money in China, earning 253 million US dollars. The second is Japan, which has $237 million in revenue. Then came the United States, where the original God earned $162 million.

From the perspective of mobile platform, “original God” gained $521 million in revenue in Apple store and $352 million in revenue in Android store.

The story of the original God takes place in a fantasy world called “Tivat”. Here, the selected people will be granted the “eye of God” to guide the elements. The player will play a mysterious role called “traveler”. In the free journey, he will meet his companions with different personalities and unique abilities, and together with them, he will defeat the strong enemy and recover the lost relatives. At the same time, he will gradually explore the truth of “original God”.

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