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Fortress night’s IOS mobile terminal revenue only accounts for 7% From Epic

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Shortly after Apple’s app store was forced off fortress night last year, Epic Games launched a counterattack against apple through lawsuits and a series of free fortnite activities. Interestingly, court documents last week showed that IOS mobile devices (including iPhone / iPad) accounted for only 7% of the game’s revenue. Although not all players can feel this, Epic Games insists that PC and host terminals are the company’s top revenue players.

Epic pointed out in the complaint that compared with previous monopolies, apple is not only larger in scale, but also more deeply rooted in the harm to the industry, and its negative impact is far greater than any technology monopolist in history.

But what epic doesn’t make clear is that few players choose to play fortress night through iPhone, and Apple’s mobile platform accounts for only a small part of its total revenue.

According to last week’s court documents, only 13% of the players have experienced fortress night on the iPhone / iPad, and the vast majority prefer to play it on the PC / host platform.

Before epic filed a lawsuit against Apple App store, fortress night’s revenue from March 2018 to July 2020 only accounted for about 7% of its revenue.

In addition, apple revealed that even if the app store is off the shelf of “Fortress night” mobile game, epic still retains the vast majority of IOS players, and tells you that you can move to other platforms to continue to experience.

It is reported that the legal tug of war between the multi billion dollar Epic Games and the trillion dollar Apple will be tried in the federal court of California on May 3.

The disputes between the two sides mainly focus on whether the 30% share of the app store is too high, and whether Apple allows developers to trade through self built / third-party payment channels.

The revenue of Fortress night has exceeded 50 million US dollars. The revenue of Fortress night IOS has exceeded 100 million US dollars in 90 days. Epic: as of March 2019, the number of users of Fortress night has reached 250 million Research: in May 2018, the revenue of Fortress night will reach 318 million US dollars. In August 2018, the number of players of Fortress night will approach 80 million. Techcrunch: it is estimated that the revenue of Fortress night will reach 3 billion US dollars in 2018. Superdata: the internal purchase revenue of Fortress night has exceeded 1 billion US dollars. Superdata: in March 2018, the revenue of Fortress night will exceed 223 million US dollars Become the best-selling console game in February 2018, “Fortress night” game revenue 126 million US dollars, has surpassed the “Jedi survival” Epic Games: in 2020, the daily active users of epic mall will be 31.3 million, a year-on-year increase of 192%, in November 2018, “Fortress night” online players will break through 830 Million sensor tower: in 2018, the IOS platform of Fortress night absorbed nearly $500 million. Apptopia: the revenue of mobile game IOS of Fortress night exceeded $160 million. Epic Games: the number of online players of Fortress night exceeded 8.3 million at the same time

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