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In January 2020, the global revenue of top 30, a Chinese mobile game publisher, exceeded US $2.3 billion From Sensor Tower

The following is the In January 2020, the global revenue of top 30, a Chinese mobile game publisher, exceeded US $2.3 billion From Sensor Tower recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Sensor Tower, Mobile games.

According to the sensor tower store intelligence platform, China’s mobile game publishers ranked in the global app store and Google play revenue in January 2021. The 30 mobile game publishers in the list attracted more than US $2.3 billion in January, an increase of 47.3% over January last year, accounting for 28.8% of the total revenue of mobile games in the current period.

Top 30 mobile game publishers in China

With the opening of the 2020 global finals, the global revenue of Tencent’s “peace elite” and “pubg mobile” surged by 51% on a month on month basis. Coupled with the successful landing of the call of duty mobile game in the Chinese market, Tencent’s game revenue increased by 18% on a month on month basis in January, the fastest growth month since March last year.

Five years after its launch, IgG’s SLG mobile game Kingdom era set a new revenue record in January. At the same time, the revenue of dress up! Time princess for overseas female players has been growing steadily in the European and American markets. With the help of these two games, the revenue of IgG increased by 79% month on month.

Relying on the excellent overseas market performance of “ark of tomorrow” and “soul of birds”, Youxing network’s revenue increased by 100% month on month and 177% year on year, reaching a record high. In the Japanese market, Youxing network ranked 11th in the revenue list of mobile game publishers in January, and it is the third foreign manufacturer, next only to Netease and Niantic. The latter is firmly at the top of the market by virtue of its famous local IP “Pok é mon go”.

Since the successful launch of project makeover in November last year, magic tavern’s revenue has maintained a strong growth, ranking among the top 10 for the first time in this issue. In January, the top three revenue markets of the company, which focuses on eliminating mobile game tracks overseas, were the United States, Japan and the United Kingdom, accounting for 60.5%, 9.7% and 4.6% respectively.

Throughout the current list, the top 8 manufacturers are actively deploying global business, four of which focus on overseas markets, and overseas revenue has become the most powerful growth engine for Chinese manufacturers.

Following the launch of the new SLG mobile game “kiss of war” at the end of last year, tap4fun’s revenue continued to grow and returned to the list. In this issue, the game, as the highest revenue mobile game product of the publisher, contributed 56% of the revenue.

Thanks to the opening of the new year’s activity of “ask me”, the revenue of thunder game increased 31% month on month in January. In addition, the Xiuxian mobile game “yinianxiaoyao”, launched at the end of January, has been at the top of China’s iPhone mobile game revenue list since its launch. From the current trend, thunder game revenue will continue to grow significantly in February.

In addition, among the top 100 mobile game publishers in the world, there are 36 companies including chuangku interactive, six waves, Zilong game, competitive world, Leyi network and byte beat, accounting for 37.5% of the global top 100 publishers’ revenue.

Top 20 mobile games revenue of China app store

At the end of December, the revenue of call of duty mobile game, which was listed on the market, increased 91% month on month, rising to the eighth place on the list. In early January, “Tianyu” and “glory Archangel” came in ninth and 16th respectively.

In addition, the game with the largest revenue growth is “crossing the line of fire”. Driven by the new year’s Day activities, the game’s revenue increased by 126% month on month.

During the Spring Festival holiday last year, due to the fact that all people stay at home, the income of China’s mobile game market increased sharply. At the same time, women’s games, such as chess and card, ushered in unprecedented development opportunities. As the Spring Festival approaches this year, we will pay close attention to the changes in the market structure.

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