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Mobile game ranking in March 2021 From Master cicada

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In March, the game market was very lively. There were not only a large number of new games, but also top-notch performances one by one, occupying the top position in the list. However, compared with the emergence of casual games in February, the game list in March seems to be dominated by heavy games.

March 2021 mobile game download top30

From the top 30 of the game download list, the competition in the game market in March was extremely fierce. Not only a number of new games into the list, achieved good ranking results. There are also “master Emerald” fell from the altar, from last month’s champion died in public. In contrast, Tencent’s “glory of the king” continued to show its strong strength, and successfully regained the first place in the download list in March.

According to master cicada’s “monthly index” function, among the top 10 game downloads of app store in March, there were five new games on the list, which was the same as that in February. They are top 2’s Lantern and underground city, top 4’s heaven and earth robbery: the return of the secluded City, top 5’s Douluo continent: the awakening of the martial spirit, top 6’s Douluo continent 2 peerless Tang gate and top 9’s zhenhun Street: the martial spirit body.

From the perspective of game types, the five new games on the list are biased towards heavy games. Among them, lantern and dungeon, issued by celadon game agent, is a roguelike dungeon brushing game with less innovation.

According to master cicada’s data, the ranking of lantern and dungeon shows a trend of high driving and low going. Although it was in the top two (free) app store rankings as soon as it was launched, it is now almost out of the top 1000. However, compared with the plummeting trend on the general list, “lantern and dungeons” has a relatively stable downward trend in various game lists, and is still able to remain in the top 10 of the adventure game (best-selling) list. In addition, according to master cicada’s “download estimation” function, “lantern and underground city” was downloaded about 1.69 million times in March, with an average daily download of 56000 / day in the past 30 days.

We observed that the game did not continue the high-scale continuous buying method of “the strongest snail” before celadon game. Compared with “the strongest snail”, lantern and underground city aims at the core audience through more comprehensive marketing means. From the distribution of channels, the main channels of “lantern and underground city” are the headline channel and station B (1.2%). Tiktok tiktok (31.68%), jitter (18.8%), today’s headlines (17.72%), jitter volcano (15.44%), watermelon video (14.81%), the 5 major channel accounted for 98.45% of the total.

In addition, a new IP mobile game developed by Zilong game “Tiandi rob: secluded City revisits” is also worthy of your attention. According to the data of cicada master, the game was launched on all major mobile application platforms on March 11. On the day of launch, it ranked top 2 in the general list (free) and top 1 in the game (free). Its popularity was very good. According to the “download volume prediction” function, the download volume of “Tiandi Jie: Youcheng revisits” exceeded 1.34 million times in March, with the peak download volume of 217878 times on March 11.

Relevant data show that, in the past 30 days, 1121 landing pages have been launched in “Tiandi Jie: secluded city is coming again”. The text content of these landing pages all contain the emotional effect of IP and the word “public beta”, which may be one of the reasons why the game can stand out in the list in March.

The town spirit Street: Kwai drive is the first serious mobile games released by Top9. “Zhenhun Street” is undoubtedly a top class Guoman IP: once the 2016 animation “zhenhun Street” was broadcast, it quickly spread all over the country. So far, Douban, the representative work of Guoman, has a score of 8.7, animation of station B has a score of 9.1, and there are 7.05 million people chasing it, with a total of 580 million plays in the two seasons.

Based on the great popularity of the original work, “zhenhun Street: wushenshou” had nearly ten million reservations on the whole platform before it went online. Then, thanks to a series of innovative marketing combinations such as high-quality products and star experience, the game ranked first in the free list on the first day of the game. According to Kwai’s official poster, new users have broken millions on the first day of the game. According to master cicada’s “download estimation” function, the peak download volume of zhenhun Street: wushenshou was 230000 times on March 18, and then began to decline.

From the perspective of the new top 10 games, they are all well publicized in the early stage. After the games go online, they can get instant results and achieve good results, but they are not good for a long time. The ranking of each list and the number of game downloads show a momentum of high opening and low going. In contrast, evergreen trees like “glory of the king” and “elite of peace” are the real kings in the download list in March.

Among the top 10-20 game downloads of app store in March, there are two new games on the list, namely top 15’s Qin Dynasty moon world and top 16’s magic dragon Xiaole puzzle continent.

Among them, “Qin Shi Mingyue world” was put on the app store on March 26, and it was not easy to get into the list in just a few days. According to master cicada’s “download volume estimation” function, the daily average download volume of “Qinshi Mingyue world” has been 138000 times / day since its launch.

However, the game uses the classic Guoman IP of “Qinshi Mingyue”. Before the game goes online, it has gone through several rounds of test and publicity. Of course, the most important thing is that the game is produced by Tencent. In this way, the game to be able to squeeze into the list is “taken for granted.”.

In addition, in the top 10-20 list, “Yuanshen” and “Jun you dou landlord” have performed well. Compared with each other, the ranking in February has been greatly improved. However, some people are happy while others are sad. Tencent’s happy mahjong complete works and call of duty mobile games are ranked down, both falling out of the top 10 of the list.

Looking at the list of top 20-30 game downloads in March, Netease’s “light encounter” is still on the list.

Jadeite master’s ranking plummeted 22 places, from the champion in February to the top 23 in March. With everyone returning to normal work and class, the free time is greatly reduced, which makes the super leisure game less attractive to new users. It can be seen that the game has shown obvious “fatigue”.

Compared with master emerald, battle of the ball, JJ fighting the landlord and dream garden, they are strong counterattacks. In March, their ranking soared and they made it to the top 30.

Top 30 games revenue in March

In March, there was little change in the revenue of popular games. No one moved the “King’s glory” and “peace elite”. Tencent’s other game, call of duty mobile game, continued to fail, falling to top 25 in March after falling out of top 10 in February. Generally speaking, the revenue list of popular games in March is still firmly controlled by big game companies, and there are no black horse games and developers.

According to master cicada’s “revenue estimation” function, the average daily revenue of the two games in March was about $5.68 million and $2.37 million respectively. With such a high income performance, these two games firmly occupy the top 1 and top 2 of the list.

However, compared with the further growth of the average daily income of King’s glory, the average daily income of peace elite showed a downward trend (the average daily income of the two games in February was about $4.88 million and $3.32 million respectively).

The obvious change in the top ten list is that the new IP mobile game work “Tiandi Jie: Youcheng revisits” developed by Zilong game has been successfully pushed to the top 9. According to master cicada’s “income estimation” function, the average daily income of “Tiandi Jie: Youcheng revisits” in the past 30 days is 566700 US dollars, which is quite impressive as a new tour.

In addition, “the original God” continues to maintain the super high gold absorption ability. According to master cicada’s “revenue estimation” function, Yuanshen’s revenue in March exceeded US $28.56 million, and its daily average revenue in the past 30 days was as high as US $944800, which is only the result of app store in China. Previous data showed that Yuanshen’s mobile terminal absorbed more than US $1 billion within six months, and the average daily revenue of the whole platform was US $5.8 million.

In the top 10-20 list of game revenue in March, “lantern and dungeon” became the only new player on the list. According to the “revenue forecast” function, the average daily revenue of the game in the past 30 days is $290000. But like its downloads, the revenue of the game also shows a trend of high opening and low going, with an average daily revenue of US $91000 in the past seven days.

In addition, Tencent’s game “crossing the line of fire: the king of gunfight” has a poor performance. According to the “revenue estimation” function, the average daily revenue of the game in the past 30 days is US $252000, which is significantly lower than that in February, and its ranking on the list is down 9 places. Out of the top 10.

Among the top 20-30 games in March, there are two new games on the list. They are “forget Sichuan” by top 28 and “Douluo mainland: Awakening of martial spirit” by top 30. With the average daily income of US $307000 and US $317000 in the past seven days, these two new works have successfully entered the list.

Among them, “forget Sichuan fenghualu” is developed by Taoyuan studio and distributed by Netease. The game is also known as the “masterpiece of national style” by many people. One of the characteristics of the game is that the characters in the game are based on real characters in history, such as emperors and literati of all dynasties. Ding Lei, the boss of Netease, also shot a video for the game.

Another game “Douluo mainland: martial spirit awakening” is a hand game with cards. Relying on the powerful IP of Douluo mainland, the game is highly expected by players.

In addition, “call of duty mobile game” from Tencent also entered the top 20-30 list. In January, the game was still in the top 10 of the revenue list, and in February, it could barely maintain in the top 20. As a result, the ranking continued to fall in March. With an average daily income of 158000 US dollars in the past 30 days, the ranking fell 11 places again. If we continue to develop according to the current momentum, we will not see this once popular game in our top 30 list next month.

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